Gauge your political outrage guys

Politically Correct Outrage MeterI recognize that our society is obsessed with all things pop culture.  Exhibit A: Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty – Otherwise known as some hick from some backwater town who happens to have a show on a second tier cable channel garners more than his share of outrage from mainstream media and gay blogs for quoting the Bible and essentially saying he dislikes gays.


Perhaps we might want to stop obsessing over what quacks like Phil Robertson say and start focusing on countries identified as ‘allies’and demand they stop imprisoning, castrating and killing men and women because they happen to be gay.  If even half the mainstream news and gay blogs focused on these stories I think we could say we are making progress and affecting change.

When we do that – then I’ll know America truly is energy independent. It is no coincidence that these OPEC nations Qatar, U.A.E. and Saudi Arabia are given a pass for such atrocious human rights violations while America blusters about some racist, homophobic hick.

4 responses to “Gauge your political outrage guys

  1. Amen.


  2. As I mentioned on my blog, Phil Robertson’s comments aren’t all that surprising and quite frankly not that important. It’s certainly nothing new. My greater concern lies with the majority of Congress that probably feels the same way as Robertson. These other catastrophes on your list are far more concerning than one idiot’s comments.


  3. I don’t think there was all that much Gay Rage directed at Duck Dynasty, if my facebook friends are any indication. I saw a total of three posts, one of which was a picture of Joan Collins with a caption “Pray tell, what is this duck dynasty?” I think the rage was more GLAAD and liberal allies v. conservative groups. Gays were just the rope in this cultural tug of war.

    That said, b*tching about Duck Dynasty only ends up hurting gays here in the US. Talk about setting ourselves up for another rounds of hate and insult from middle America. Anecdotally, my brother in law in Virginia told me the local Wal-Mart was pretty much sold out of DD crap. This is like Chik-fil-A Part II. Someone says something dumb, people overreact and the offending company rides a multimillion dollar wave of redneck support. And gays just end up getting the middle finger all over again.

    The better response would have been one or two well-placed zingers, but leave the boycotts and calls for vengeance for something real. And we should be focusing on real outrages, not pop culture trolls like the DD folks. And we should never give our opponents a bigger megaphone.


  4. Don’t forget, too, the anti-gay laws recently enacted in Uganda, the attacks on LGBT individuals in other African countries, and the outrageous attacks from Christian leaders on the appointment of an openly gay man as the American ambassador to the Dominican Republic. We must fight these abuses. The ignorant ranting of a mediocrity is insignificant in comparison.



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