The Dennis Rodman and North Korea news cycle

Kim Jong Un

Apparently he didn’t get the black suit memo

One more example of why I watch PBS News Hour and have practically shunned all major news networks is their ‘reporting’ on Dennis Rodman’s visits to N. Korea. Major news networks and their cable news spinoffs  pretend this is newsworthy, knowing there is no news value other than it feeds two monsters’ egos.

Nearly nobody on earth has any relations with Kim Jong Un of North Korea because of his (and his father’s) repressive regime. In a world of bad guys, his government is gunning for the gold. Yet, when a has-been NBA star craving the spotlight visits North Korea our news outlets feel compelled to report on his trips with a level of detail even our US Secretary of State, John Kerry, would envy.

What do you want to bet that Rodman’s relationship with North Korea’s Supreme Leader, Kim Jon Un, would end the minute nobody reported on his ‘diplomatic’ visit? This is a relationship based on two megalomaniacs. If the cameras stopped taping, this relationship would whither.

Stop giving both these jerks the attention they crave. The only people who would be upset if you stopped reporting on these fake diplomatic meetings would be the short, fat dictator of North Korea and this idiot former NBA player struggling to find relevance in a world that is tired of his antics.

4 responses to “The Dennis Rodman and North Korea news cycle

  1. Dennis doesn’t give to shits about his spotlight


  2. Years from now we’re gonna find out this is some Chuck Barris “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” sh*t. I won’t be surprised to learn that he is really a CIA operative! =]


  3. Asa a former diplomat I can tell you that such visits are NOT given any credence. This is just a private visit by this Rodman fellow and means nothing to any government in the Region or to the USA. Except the dictator in North Korea loves it because he can use such useful idiot like Rodman as Lenin would have called him.



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