Can Boston sustain a new gay bar

Boston NightlifeEarlier this week I published my post, Boxers to open in Philadelphia. In that post I asked the owners to consider Boston should they continue to expand. Boston’s steady loss of LGBT centered businesses and in particular bars is not unique, but it just seems to be more problematic here where gay bar options are quickly dwindling to nil.

I would really like to see Boston have more gay bars. I don’t mean gay friendly bars; I don’t mean bars that are gay one or two nights a week; I mean a legitimate gay bar that is open 7-days a week and focused on serving Boston’s gay community; not bachelorette parties. More than 250,000 lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender call Massachusetts is home.  The overwhelming majority of those live in Boston and surrounding communities.  One would think that there is a business opportunity here, right?

What are your thoughts?

7 responses to “Can Boston sustain a new gay bar

  1. Yes, yes, yes! When I visit Chicago and see how busy 9 out 10 10 Boystown bars are, it makes me realize if you keep it fresh, new, and entertaining the crowds WILL come. This coming from a guy who has seen every gay bar come and go since 1986 in Boston and do feel it could work and in a BIG way!


  2. I am with Stan. I don’t live near the City and would love to have a gay bar near me that I can go to. There are more options than the big city.


  3. BG: I don’t know if I’d call dBar as “self-identified” anymore. They’ve been pushing themselves as a neighborhood bar more and more. And I’ll bet Fritz doesn’t come back as gay after their redo. Club Cafe kinda feels like it’s veering in that direction. at least for their restaurant.


  4. There need to be more “gay” bars out here in the suburbs. Gay people do live out here too! Going into the city to a bar or club means you can’t drink for fear of getting a DUI on the way home.


  5. 7-days a week gay bars: Jacques, Pi Alley, Machine/Ramrod, Club Cafe, Paradise, dBar, Eagle, Milky Way???… Am I leaving any out guys? That is a total of 8 self-identified ‘gay bars’ in all of Boston & Cambridge.


  6. How many gay bars/clubs does Boston have?

    I live in Hell’s Kitchen/NYC and there are 14 bars/clubs in my neighborhood alone (10 street/ 2 avenue radius).

    Having said that, the number of gay bars in Chelsea, the West Village and East Village continue to decrease. I was sad to see Splash close – it opened right as I came out and also reminded me of that special time in my life.


  7. I don’t think it can.

    Yes, a big part of it is the social scene moving online, but isn’t the fact that sexual preference is becoming more and more acceptable and integrated? Even gay neighborhoods are are losing their exclusivity. Personally, I’d love to have some gay bars around too, but then that’s what I grew up with.



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