Boston Restaurant Week gets a makeover

Restaurant Week BostonDeclining participation from both Boston restaurants and diners has forced the organizers of Boston Restaurant Week to do some soul searching to help breathe new life into the ailing biannual foodie event.

This year it has been rebranded as Dine Out Boston the new two week event that will run from March 16-21 and 23-28 is hoping to lure both restaurants and diners back with a tiered pricing structure that offers lunches for  $15/$20/$25 and dinners for  $28/$33/$38.

FYI – American Express will apparently offer a $5 credit on cardholder statements when they spend $21 or more on an enrolled American Express card at a participating restaurant, during Dine Out Boston. I couldn’t figure out how to enroll my card; neither Dine Out Boston nor American Express had any information.  If you figure it out, let me know.

2 responses to “Boston Restaurant Week gets a makeover

  1. I agree with everything the previous commentor said. Also, rebranding the event with a new name isn’t very innovative.


  2. We’ve done restaurant week several times, but have become increasingly disappointed … you have to search very hard to have actual value, in that often restaurants’ regular prices are no different than the restaurant week prices (based on the entrees they offer for their restaurant week menus) unless you go to a higher-end restaurant (e.g. No. 9 Park) but most of the higher-end restaurants have not been participating the last times. It’s also hard to not feel like you’re on the restaurant week assembly line, with busy restaurants with servers that are stressed and busy and not giving the usual service, and food that sometimes seems like it was mass-produced.



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