Government Center Garage Redevelopment

Boston Anyone who has spent any amount of time in Boston will be familiar with the Government Center parking garage shown above, but for those who have moved away or don’t come into Boston often you may not know that Boston-based developer HYM Investment Group LLC intends to raze major portions of the existing 11-story garage to clear the way for six new buildings – transforming the 4.8 acres in the heart of the city.

BostonThe project will radically transform the area, which the developer describes as “an underutilized 1960s-era parking structure” into a transit-oriented, mixed-use development with a new public plaza and pedestrian connector. The proposal includes 771 residential units, 204 new hotel rooms, 1.3 million square feet of office space, 82,500 square feet of retail space and 1,159 parking spaces.

Despite the fact that parking is always an issue and the development will significantly decrease the number of existing parking spaces, I think it is a great idea.  You can track the progress of this project on the BRA website here and you can read more about the development on the project’s website here.

3 responses to “Government Center Garage Redevelopment

  1. Perfect Propriety around parking spaces is already strained enough in Boston without the loss of over 1,000 more parking spaces. While the Brutalist ugliness of that structure will not be missed, an increase in parking is needed, not a decrease.


  2. I like the idea of the repurpose of the area, yet It is a net loss of 1141 parking spaces. The garage is very busy with a waiting list for day time monthly parkers (office workers, court business, local restaurants and shops) – they do excellent night and weekend business between the North End, Faneuil Hall and the TD Garden.

    I know that the North End community (at least those who came to meetings) want less parking so people will take public transportation – well, that does not always equate

    An example: people going out for dinner – if parking is a bitch they will walk with their money – the the restaurant and cafe owners of the North End will start pissing and moaning about loss of revenues.

    They did the same thing when the number of parking spaces in the garage for the TD Garden was reduced from its former capacity years ago.


  3. Interesting – I guess the garage wasn’t getting as much business anymore. Meanwhile here in Providence we’ve got more surface parking lots than I’d like to see. I keep encouraging pols to bury parking lots – make them automated. Problem solved.



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