How to survive a Boston winter

Gardner Museum iiA couple years ago I wrote a series of posts called “How to survive a Boston winter”. I wanted to provide some guidance for those unfamiliar with New England winters.

Considering how brutal this winter has been, I thought I’d share one of the tips from that original series of posts.  Get yourself to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.

Head for the original building that was Mrs. Gardner’s home. The building was modeled after a Venetian palace and in the middle is a small garden. The site of grass and scents of flowers is a wonderful way to fool your senses into thinking it is spring time – at least for an hour or so until you head back outside.Gardner Museum iii

2 responses to “How to survive a Boston winter

  1. 1. Call Cunard. Book cruise. Return April after snow melts.
    2. Rent apartment in Phuket ,St. Barts or Bondi
    3. Call Copacabana Palace in Rio. Stay 3 months
    4. Buy Sun Lamp. Have Beach Party.


  2. I thought you were going to tell us to go to Brazil. Maybe it’s one of the other suggestions.



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