Boston’s next gay bar: The Cathedral Place

Fritz BostonRumor has it that today the owners of The Cathedral Place (a.k.a the “new Fritz”) will be getting keys to the The Red Fez in Boston’s South End at 1222 Washington Street.

Since the naming rights for Fritz reside with different owners, the new space cannot be called Fritz, but I was told most of the staff from that bar which we mustn’t mention will help open The Cathedral Place.  The 300-person capacity, 40 car parking lot, outdoor patio and entertainment license that all come with the space make 1222 Washington Street a very appealing location.  Should the stars align, one can (I’m crossing my fingers as I type this) expect a new gay bar to open deep in Boston’s South End.

5 responses to “Boston’s next gay bar: The Cathedral Place

  1. At least we could all say, “We’re storming the Cathedral, bitch!”


  2. i call bullshit on this one


  3. Big plus already… Parking! Thanks for the news.


  4. Great! The only thing that could ruin this is if they called it “The Cathedral Place”…oh wait…


  5. Very exciting news, but that’s a horrible name. Why would they want to associate themselves with the Cathedral Church & Housing Project right down the street?



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