Saturdays at M Street Beach: Kiki Beach Boston

Kiki Beach on M Street BostonEvery Saturday the M Street Beach has attracted scores of gay men. This past Saturday with temperatures in the 90s, Sergio and I headed down to M Street Beach to join the fun. By 12:30 we counted about a dozen groups ranging in size from couples to much larger groups of men slowly overtaking part of the beach.

Southie has no shortage of package stores you can either stop at on your way to the beach or walk to should you run out of any essentials and most guys were quite friendly sharing what they had with anyone around. All that is missing to make this easier to spot is a gay pride flag, but if you look around carefully and listen for the club music it will only take you a few minutes to spot this group, which usually set up near the bus stop about midway down M Street Beach.

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#KikiBeach in full swing at M Street Beach

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For more details like the Kiki Beach Boston Facebook page.

One response to “Saturdays at M Street Beach: Kiki Beach Boston

  1. Wacko Hurley is spinning in his grave!😛. Who needs a St. Patrick Day parade when there is sand and speedos?? 🕶



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