NCAA moves games from North Carolina citing anti-LGBT law HB-2

HB2, North Carolina anti LGBT billFollowing in the footsteps of the NBA which announced this summer that they would move their 2017 All-Star Game from Charlotte, the NCAA will pull seven championship events from North Carolina. The NCAA said it will relocate the men’s basketball first- and second-round games that were scheduled for March 17 and 19 in Greensboro as well as the following games listed below.

  • Division I women’s soccer championship, Dec. 2 and 4 in Cary
  • Division III men’s and women’s soccer championships,Dec. 2 and 3 in Greensboro
  • Division I women’s golf regional championships, May 8-10 in Greenville
  • Division III men’s and women’s tennis championships, May 22-27 in Cary
  • Division I women’s lacrosse championship, May 26 and 28 in Cary
  • Division II baseball championship from May 27 to June 3 in Cary

In response to the NCAA’s decision, citing that state’s anti-LGBT  law – HB2, the North Carolina Republican Party issued this bizarre statement.

“This is so absurd it’s almost comical. I genuinely look forward to the NCAA merging all men’s and women’s teams together as singular, unified, unisex teams. Under the NCAA’s logic, colleges should make cheerleaders and football players share bathrooms, showers and hotel rooms.

“This decision is an assault to female athletes across the nation. If you are unwilling to have women’s bathroom and locker rooms, how do you have a women’s team? I wish the NCAA was this concerned about the women who were raped at Baylor. Perhaps the NCAA should stop with their political peacocking — and instead focus their energies on making sure our nation’s collegiate athletes are safe, both on and off the field.”

It is unclear how to respond to such a bizarre reaction. I’m starting to wonder how much of a financial burden North Carolina politicians are willing to assume before recognizing that they are not only being made a pariah but they are doing harm to their state’s economy and reputation that will linger long after HB2 is repealed.

2 responses to “NCAA moves games from North Carolina citing anti-LGBT law HB-2

  1. The statement is wierd but politicians are a breed on their own. They are rarely rational, never seen as independent and makes decisions on their personal bias views. There are few who break away from this norm.


  2. As I shake my head at the North Carolina Republican Party response- I must ask how do they even believe the crap they spew out.

    What I want to do is punch the crap out of them. I do believe that should be a protected form of free speech.

    The brightness of today is the ceasefire in Syria is holding (for now) – the children are being fed. The water system is being restored. As is the sewer system. As one watches the news reports, you just shake your head and want to know how things like this keep going on. Then you realize you must be part of the solution-not a bobble head. So you step up.



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