Mehdi Ghadyanloo to paint Dewey Square mural

BosArts, boston public art, Mehdi GhadyanlooLast week it was announced that Iranian artist, Mehdi Ghadyanloo, who has made a name for himself by painting large trompe-l’oeils in Tehran, will bring a brand-new, mind-bending mural to Boston’s Dewey Square on the Rose Kennedy Greenway.

The 76′ x 70′ surface will be the fifth public art installation in Dewey Square and will be both a new piece and his first in the U.S. Called, Spaces of Hope, it is sure to be inspired by Surrealism which characterizes his work to date. It is expected to take him through the middle of October to complete the large mural which you can see being painted currently. This is a welcome change to the most recent installation in Dewey Square which I found cold and uninspiring.

Below is an example of some of the work he has done in his home, Iran. Mehdi Ghadyanloo


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