Boston pays tribute to John Michael Gray (one half of the Hat Sisters)

gay bostonOn Sunday, October 16th the Arlington Street Church in Back Bay was filled to capacity as family, friends and members of the Boston LGBTQ community came together for a service in celebration of the life of John Michael Gray (one half of the Hat Sisters).

Mayor Marty Walsh addressed those gathered and a surprisingly personal and touching letter from Gov. Charlie Baker that was sent to Tim O’Connor, in the days following Gray’s death was read. Friends and former colleagues shared personal (and funny) stories about Gray. The emotionally charged celebration paid a fitting tribute to this local icon, who gave so much of himself to the LGBTQ communities of Provincetown and Boston. Following the service Club Cafe closed for a special, private reception that had photographs of the couple’s 30+ years together as the Hat Sisters.  I feel lucky to have meet these two men and wanted to write this post to say thank you to everyone who helped organize and spoke at the tribute. It was incredibly touching and well done. My love and thoughts now turn to his wonderful spouse, Tim.

GoFundMe page was set up after Gray’s death to help Tim O’Connor (Gray’s husband) defray the medical expenses incurred during his treatment. It is still up for anyone who would like to contribute.


3 responses to “Boston pays tribute to John Michael Gray (one half of the Hat Sisters)

  1. Beautiful. There is a large hat shaped hole in the community. Grateful I got to have their joy sprinkled on me for many years. RIP. 💖😇


  2. Thank you for this posting— your blog is similar to the Hat Sisters– it brings joy and meaningfulness along with fun.



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