Disgraced Republican Congressman, Aaron Schock, at WeHo Halloween parade

SchadenfreudeTowleroad via World of Wonder blog, brought to my attention the disgraced former U.S. Republican Congressman, Aaron Schock, was seen at the West Hollywood Halloween parade. While his presence doesn’t confirm Schock is a Friend of Dorothy, it does nothing to quell those rumors. Schock who rose to prominence in the Republican Party in part due to his youth and good looks, never was a friend of the gay community and proved to be hostile to any legislation that would help protect our community from discrimination.

The Congressman ultimately resigned in March 2015 to avoid a congressional ethics inquiry after misappropriation of funds on everything from airplane flights to his office decor was reported. As recently as last month, Schock agreed to pay a $10,000 civil penalty to the Federal Election Commission, but he has otherwise avoided any other fines or sentencing.

Earlier this year Titan Men released a gay porn parody titled, “Cauke for President” based on Schock. The film centered around a homophobic US Senator named Mike Cauke. Twitter and Instagram social media posts for Mike Cauke repeatedly called out Shock (see below).aaron schock, Titan Men


One response to “Disgraced Republican Congressman, Aaron Schock, at WeHo Halloween parade

  1. Trust me – he flips easily– top bottom all is good.



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