Mass DOT’s Infra-Space program: South End


Infra-Space Program Boston, South End


Lot 5 is space under the I-93 Expressway near the Ink Block that you’ve probably never paid much attention to before, but the city is making excellent use of this space converting it into (much needed) parking facility. This parking lot will link to two other 24-hour parking facilities that combined has 432 parking spaces.

These monitored parking facilities are helping link South Boston and the South End. However, what you may not realize is they are part of a bigger plan that Mass DOT refers to as The Infra-Space program, which was conceived to help reclaim previously unused space under the I-93 interstate highway and The Mass Pike to link it to Boston’s Harbor Walk; thereby connecting and extending walking, bike and running paths in the South End and Southie through Fort Point Channel and ultimately to the Seaport neighborhood.


The Infra-Space program is a statewide initiative with Mass DOT to re-evaluate spaces under viaducts for better urban and ecological performance. Infra-Space 1 is the pilot project, spanning nearly a half-mile in length through the middle of downtown Boston.

The project includes a storm water management landscape that diverts the runoff from the viaduct, improved maintenance access, public recreation, and a series of scaffold structures that support operable lighting and art installations.


You can check out more of the concepts proposed for this space by visiting,

One response to “Mass DOT’s Infra-Space program: South End

  1. Great infrastructure move.



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