Macron could give Trudeau a run for his money for world leader beefcake status

Emmanuel Macron, handsome french leader, handsome Macron Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau may finally have some competition for world leader beefcake status if the French elect Emmanuel Macron to be their next President in a run off election scheduled for this Sunday. Macron is 39 and a  former investment banker who has never before stood for elected office but was able to get nearly 24% of the vote in a 5-way race in late April.

Just to add fodder to my “beefcake” comments, this week, Garcon, a bi-monthly magazine that caters to gay men, had a shirtless Macron on their cover with the provocative headline “Coming out: a necessary fight.”

Macron is the decidedly more LGBTQ friendly candidate in the two person race for President on Sunday so the headline and cover story no doubt alludes to his support for our community. It also may be a bit of a double entendre, considering previous rumors he is gay. However, this seems like wishful thinking on the part of French gay men who may find themselves attracted to more than just Macron’s political views, considering the fact he has been happily married to a woman for a decade.

3 responses to “Macron could give Trudeau a run for his money for world leader beefcake status

  1. unfortunate use of the “Coming Out” on and it’s placement on his lower body, …. Putin’s Russian hackers, who support Blue Ball-point/Marine Le Pen, as they did Trump, have spread rumors that he is secretly gay and that that explains his marriage to an older woman,….branding him a liar as well as a closet case ………..thank “dieu” that our voting process doesn’t go on for ever as in the states …….. he is a man who cares about his country and ALL it’s people and people who need and want to immigrate and integrate as much as Trudeau, and that’s the real likeness ………Pray for us, and the World …..


  2. The difference is that Macron’s shritless pic is photoshopped (his head on another man’s torso), as the magazine confirmed, while Trudeau’s shirtless pics are not 🙂



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