Facing America’s racist present

The title of this post was intentionally a play on words and could easily have read “Facing America’s racist President”. Make of that observation what you will, but his comments regarding recent events in Charlottesville, VA are an embarrassment and more reminiscent of the 1960s than present day.

IMO President Trump’s sympathetic response to white supremacists  is not particularly surprising considering how consistently he has courted this group. What is surprising is how many people chose to either abstain from our Presidential election or voted for Trump despite his ongoing flirtations with the KKK and white supremacist leaders.

I’m left wondering if America has become so polarized that there is no line that cannot be crossed – No behavior that cannot be overlooked – No action that warrants a response: Provided those who cross that line, exhibit bad behavior or act inappropriately identify with your political philosophy. It is laughable to think most American’s claim not to identify with a political party because how easily we write off behavior (on both sides) indicates quite the opposite.

2 responses to “Facing America’s racist present

  1. America land off the free? How was It possible that a man as Trump could be elected and show that he is loving It just the money


  2. BosGuy, I rarely, if ever, discuss politics in public, and even less frequently in private.

    Nevertheless, I have felt led to follow this story very closely, and I truly do not know what to make of this. It is rare that I feel hopeless, but Number 45, and the events that led to this particular press conference has contributed to that particular feeling.



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