This week on Instagram: chuando_chuandoandfrey

chuando, chuandoandfreyThis week on Instagram I’m featuring a profile I first saw on Unicorn Booty. ChuanDo Tan is from Singapore, a former model turned photographer who is 50 but has a body better than most 20 year old guys.

ChuanDo’s photos are a combination of flirty selfies (not all as revealing as the one above) and pictures from his photography business, Chuando & Frey, known for its edgy fashion photos.ย I love that Chuando’s pictures challenge stereotypes about age and race, and I think you’ll like Chuando’s washboard abs.

Follow him on Instagram here,ย

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One response to “This week on Instagram: chuando_chuandoandfrey

  1. Oh wow! I’m always trying to find inspiration from 50+ guys. ChuanDo Tan can inspire anyone! What a hottie and cutie! Thanks for sharing him with us!



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