Goodbye dry January

Leonardo DiCaprio, New Years, toast, champagne

On a whim, I decided the morning of January 1st that I would refrain from any alcohol for the month of January; sometimes referred to as ‘dry January’. For many people I’m sure this wouldn’t be an issue but I admit I was unsure how this would go since I basically drink coffee, water and wine.

Now that the month has passed I have to admit I was surprised by how easy it was (and how much money I saved). I’m not so certain this would be as easy to do during the summer months but I am considering trying this again, possibly later this year. However, for now I’m going to celebrate the end of dry January by going to the Godfrey Hotel’s second anniversary bash. I think we can all agree that the swanky Godfrey Hotel and its delicious restaurant Ruka which I previously reviewed here is a great place to enjoy a delicious cocktail or two.

ruka boston

One response to “Goodbye dry January

  1. Good for you! Now, happy wet February 🙂 !



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