Seaport / North Station ferry service is a go

boston harbour, boston skylineIn November I wrote about a potential new ferry service that was being pitched to help shuttle commuters between North Station and the Seaport. Earlier this month, several employers notified their employees that starting in mid-January the service would begin thanks to their support in underwriting the cost of the service; at this point it appears the service will be free to those employees but it is not clear if the service will be available to the general public.

The service will be managed by the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority (MCCA) and will take 18 minutes, running between North Station’s Lovejoy Wharf (by the Converse HQ) and Fan Pier (by the ICA Boston). Ferries will operate every 20 minutes Monday – Friday in the morning between 6:20AM – 9:40AM and in the afternoon / evening between 3:20PM – 7:00PM.

1/11/19 UPDATE: Ferry Service originally scheduled to begin the week of January 14th has been pushed back to start in early February due to ongoing work on the Lovejoy Wharf. 

The ferries will have an indoor capacity for 92-passengers and climate control to make the commute as comfortable as possible.

2 responses to “Seaport / North Station ferry service is a go

  1. I enjoy the ferry boats it’s a lot cheaper


  2. I think it’s ridiculous to take the Prairie when you can take the commuter rail train



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