Will Boston’s gay bars survive COVID

Boston, boston cityscapeRecently, Alex Reimer wrote an interesting article asking  the same question about gay bars in the US for Outsports where he is the deputy managing editor. Because he is a Massachusetts native the article references places we are all familiar with if you live in Boston and makes the read all the more personal.

Will gay bars survive the coronavirus shutdown? 

In addition to the lost revenue, in approximately 5 weeks Boston’s gay bars will take another hit when Boston’s Gay Pride Week was suppose to occur. Pride Week brings out people to celebrate and all of Boston’s gay bars see a bump; a bump this year they will not benefit from. I do worry about Boston’s few, remaining gay bars and Provincetown’s highly leveraged bars that make their money from popular theme weeks and summer travelers.

Give Alex’s article a read, because like Alex – these bars are important to me as well and I hope they can emerge from this pandemic. The few bars that remain enrich LGBTQ life here in Bostson and will need your support as well.


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