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Getting to Provincetown

Traveling between Boston and Provincetown (a.k.a. Ptown) is easy. Driving is the most common form of transportation but it is the slowest way to travel between Boston and Ptown and can take much longer than ferry service or flying.


Provincetown High-Speed Ferry Service

Ferry service is a convenient way to travel. Two companies offer high-speed ferry service that is faster than driving (90-minutes) and have the added benefit of some amazing views. If you are flying into Boston, enroute to Provincetown, water taxi service is available as are the Blue and Silver Line subway lines.

Boston Harbor City Cruises: Provincetown High-Speed Ferry is the larger and slightly faster ferry service between Boston and Provincetown. The Salacia has a capacity of 600-people but it remains to be seen if any capacity restrictions may be implemented due to COVID-19. The 2021 Summer ferry service to Provincetown begins on May 16th. For more information visit the 2021 Boston Harbor Cruise Provincetown Ferry Schedule. The cost of a ticket is $95 RT or $63 one way (Mon – Thurs) or $98 RT or $64 one way (Fri – Sun).

Boston Harbor City Cruises is located at One Long Wharf, Boston MA and is accessible by water taxi (from Logan airport and other parts of the harbor), the Blue Line Aquarium MBTA station, and there is a Boston Blue Bikes docking station at Long Wharf. For more information visit them online or call them at 617-227-4321.

Bay State Cruise Company: Conveniently located in Boston’s Seaport District the Bay State Cruise Company offers a 149 person high-speed ferry with service between Boston and Provincetown 7-days a week. The 2021 Summer ferry service to Provincetown starts on May 16th. For more information visit the 2021 Bay State Cruise Company Ferry Schedule. The cost of a ticket is $90/$96 RT or $61/$64 one way. The higher price is for peak demand departure times.

Bay State Cruise Company is located at the Seaport World Trade Center Marine Terminal on Seaport Boulevard. It is easily accessible by water taxi (from Logan airport and other parts of the harbor), the Silver Line World Trade Center MBTA station, and there are two nearby Boston Bikes docking stations. For more information visit them online or call them at 617-748-1428.

Flying to Provincetown

Cape Air is the only airline to offer daily flights between Boston and Provincetown. With a flight time of approximately 25 minutes this is the fastest way to travel between Boston and Provincetown.

The planes used by Cape Air are tiny but reliable and the Provincetown airport is a 10 minute drive to the center of town. Cape Air also provides flights to Provincetown from White Plains, NY, Saranac Lake, NY, and Portland, ME (but not with the same frequency).

For information about flight times and fares or to book a flight visit Cape Air.

Bus service to Provincetown

The most affordable way to travel between Boston and Provincetown is bus service. It also happens to take the most time (approximately 4 hours), but for those on a budget it is hard to beat the price, which fluctuates but can cost as little as $20 each way. Click the link to learn more about bus service to Provincetown.

Provincetown Film Society’s Winter Auction


The 23rd Provincetown International Film Festival, hosted by the Provincetown Film Society, will take place June 16 – June 25, 2021. The winter auction which opens later this week uses the money raised to help support the cinemas and continue their year-round programming including the annual Women’s Media Summit, Film Financing Forum, Jamaica on Film Festival, and the LGBTQIA2+ Young Film-Maker Mentorships.

Provincetown Film Society Winter Auction January 29 – February 7, 2021

Click here to check out the items for this year’s online auction

About Provincetown Film Society (PFS): The Society is an advocate for gender, racial, and LGBTQIA+ representation in film, providing year-round programming and platforms that allow voices of all kinds to be heard. PFS’s work postively impacts the cultural and economic vitality of Provincetown, and its work helps shape industry discussions around parity in film.

Portuguese Bakery in Ptown will return

Earlier this week photos of the Portuguese Bakery in Provincetown were making the rounds showing for sale signs in its windows. This set off a series of emails and comments on Facebook and conflicting stories about what was happening (so typical for Ptown). Some people were saying the owners are retiring and looking for someone to take over the business others said the Janoplis Family had no intention of selling and to quote the text from Mylan Janopolis that was shared with me, “The Provincetown Portuguese Bakery will live on…”

However, listings like the one below are what set off the chatter and made me wonder what exactly was going on. I suppose it gives townies something to discuss and gossip over during the quiet winter months.

But in response to all the chatter, the owners of the bakery took to Facebook this morning to post the following on their page, assuring customers that they are going nowhere.

The Portuguese Bakery first opened at its current location around 1900 (nobody can confirm the exact date). It remains one of the most affordable and least pretentious dining options in town and is a reminder of Provincetown’s more humble roots as a traditional Portuguese fishing village.

As Provincetown became a destination mostly for affluent gays and lesbians, small businesses have struggled to make ends meet. The Portuguese Bakery seems to have weathered all these challenges without ever losing their identity despite different families and owners over the years coming to run this successful business. If you’ve never visited Provincetown, I recommend ordering a Pasteis de Nata and coffee to go from the bakery. It’s a wonderful treat to enjoy while walking down Commercial Street or sitting on the beach in the morning.

Vintage gay

Although all official celebrations in Provincetown were cancelled this year due to COVID-19, this coming weekend would be Holly Folly a LGBTQ+ holiday-themed festival. Since I have Ptown on the brain, I thought I’d share this vintage photo of guys posing on the beach in Provincetown. You can barely makeout the Pilgrim monument in the far right of the photo.

I believe this photo is part of the George Chapin Scott and Edward F. Bernier Collection now owned and cared for by The History Project which would likely date this to the 1940s or 1950s.

I dedicate this weekly post, featuring vintage gay photographs, to the men and women who lived in a more critical time where being true to yourself and loving who you want wasn’t always an option and came at a great price. Do you have a photo you would like to share? Email me at

Previous Vintage Gay Photos

Halloween in Provincetown

Halloween, Boston, Provincetown, Providence, Ogunquit

Halloween in Provincetown a.k.a. “Spooky Bear” can be an amazing experience. It combines the theatrics and creativity you only find in LGBTQ enclaves in major cities like NYC and Los Angeles with small town charm and quirkiness. I don’t know if there is another small town in America (Ptown has < 3,000 year round residents) that can compete.

Unfortunately, the pandemic will inevitably blunt the experience for anyone planning to visit next weekend. All large-scale events and traditional parties hosted each year have been cancelled. If you’ve not heard, many businesses closed prematurely for the season (including huge venues like the Crown & Anchor) and several businesses are going out of business (I will miss Bodybody and their post season sales terribly).

The Provincetown Guild has a complete list of businesses that remain open through Halloween weekend, and I recommend you check this out if you’ve yet to make plans but are contemplating spending next weekend in Ptown.

Oh yeah, and as a sidenote, MaineStreet in Ogunquit has closed for the season. Can we all agree that 2020 really stinks and we need someone who can end this f*cking pandemic!

Provincetown’s Long Point light house

If the weather is good (warm and not much of a breeze) you’ll probably find me on a kayak in Ptown harbor. Last year’s post, Kayaking Provincetown harbor, is one of many I’ve shared over the years. Keeping with tradition, Sergio joined me  kayaking out to Long Point. It was a great workout and a great way to escape the heat of  the day. Sadly, we didn’t see much wildlife this year.

About Long Point is located at the extreme tip of the Provincetown peninsula, that curls back in on itself to create Provincetown Harbor. The Long Point Light was built in 1827. The lighthouse once shared this peninsula with a settlement of fishermen that came to be known as Long Point, Massachusetts, that thrived from 1818 until the late 1850s. When the settlers decided to leave Long Point, they took most of their houses with them.  Today, Long Point is a ghost village – nothing remains, except for the lighthouse and an earthen mound, the last remnant from the earlier military post.  More about Long Point here.

Hightown premieres on STARZ May 17

Provincetown, PtownFor those of you who love Provincetown and are looking for something new to watch, check out Hightown on STARZ, which premieres Sunday, May 17th.

Shot in Provincetown, Mass. the show centers on Jackie Quinones played by actress Monica Raymund (Chicago Fire) as a gay fisheries agent, who’s life gets thrown into disarray when she discovers a dead body on the beach – another casualty of Cape Cod’s opioid epidemic. As a result of the trauma, Jackie takes her first steps toward becoming sober until she becomes convinced that it’s up to her to solve the murder at which point things spiral out a bit out of control.  Hightown on STARZ is eight episodes and premieres this Sunday.

Check out the trailer below.

Scenes from Boston & Provincetown’s Nightlife

“in love in provincetown, 1936” source:

Boston’s History Project is hosting an interesting virtual event this Thursday at 7PM with a good friend of mine that you may find very interesting.

All are welcome to join local author and History Project board member Russ Lopez for a reading from his book The Hub of the Gay Universe: An LGBTQ History of Boston, Provincetown, and Beyond.  Russ will share fun stories about Provincetown and Boston nightlife through the years.

Thursday, April 2nd at 7:00PM
Register on Zoom

This is free but donations are always gratefully accepted. Click here to support The History Project’s mission to document, preserve, and share LGBTQ history.

Provincetown in an uproar over Cirque du Soleil

I love ProvincetownUPDATE: The Provincetown Independent Reports Cirque will not come to Provincetown this summer. Details here

Last month heads started to spin when it was reported that Cirque du Soleil would be coming to Provincetown for the summer. More than 70 members of the town’s entertainment community have formerly voiced opposition to the plan which has been shrouded in secrecy. Edge Media reported that town officials have signed non-disclosure agreements, but an announcement is expected at the town’s select board meeting tomorrow, Monday, February 10th.

While I can appreciate the appeal of Cirque du Soleil, I wanted to share my point of view (not that anyone asked but this blog affords me such indulgences).

  Provincetown should reject this plan

If the Cirque would like to come to Cape Cod, towns more centrally located like Hyannis are a far better fit; providing a larger population, better infrastructure and less strain on room inventory already stretched in the summer. Choosing a location at the edge of the Cape will require much of their audience to come from Ptown and surrounding communities.

As amazing as Provincetown’s homegrown arts and entertainment industry may be it is still a fragile thing and promoters cannot compete with the marketing budget and muscle of an international brand like Cirque. Cherished institutions like the Art House, Provincetown Theater, The Crown & Anchor, The Pilgrim House, etc… will be crushed and the arts landscape of Ptown will be left in the dust long after the Cirque packs up their big tent and pulls out of town.

I hope this plan is soundly rejected and any commitments that may have been made can be undone. The first step in making a change is for residents and business owners alike to show up in force on Monday to voice their opposition.

Marijuana dispensary opens in Provincetown

smoking weed, pot, 420Cape Cod’s first adult-use retail marijuana dispensary opened today in Provincetown. Curaleaf Holdings, Inc. is located at 170 Commercial Street in the heart of Ptown under Joe’s Coffee.

For now, the store’s hours of operation will be 10AM to 6PM, Monday through Saturday and from 10AM to 5PM on Sunday. However, store hours will expand from 9AM to 9PM during the summer season.

Vintage gay

Back in March of 2016 I posted this photo, here. Since then these weekly “vintage gay” blog posts have grown in popularity, which is in part why this week’s post is my 199th Vintage Gay blog post. I hope you continue to enjoy reading these posts – they are a personal favorite of mine.

I dedicate this weekly post, featuring vintage gay photographs, to the men and women who lived in a more critical time where being true to yourself and loving who you want wasn’t always an option and came at a great price. Do you have a photo you would like to share? Email me at

Previous Vintage Gay Photos

New mixed use development proposed in Ptown

old reliable fish houseA 31-room hotel, restaurant and bar with outdoor dining, and four condominiums was presented last month to the Provincetown planning and zoning boards with the intention to redevelop the Old Reliable Fish House property on the waterfront at 229R Commercial Street.

The Old Reliable was a popular place to eat in Provincetown in the 1970s and through  the 1990s the waterfront restaurant offered cozy dining on the beach but the restaurant has now been closed for years and the building has fallen into severe disrepair and was condemned in 2015 following a fire. You can read more about this interesting real estate development in the heart of Ptown in The Provincetown Independent and you can learn more about the history of 229R Commercial Street (and see some great photos of the property), here.

Kayaking Provincetown harbor

provincetown floating unicorn

While kayaking in Ptown harbor, we met up with this ferocious sea monster.

Each year my friend Ed and I kayak out to Long Point lighthouse then kayak along the interior, curling dunes that protect Provincetown harbor from the open sea until we get to the Red Inn. It really is a great way to see Provinceotwn, mingle with curious seals, bump into others and get some exercise all at once.

Below is my amateur illustration of the route we took after leaving Flyers Boat Rentals. None of the photographs of the pod of seals came out so I opted for a cuter cartoon caricature to show approximately where they were feeding and sunning themselves, but all the other photos were snapped by me.

The weather was picture perfect, and the roughly 3.5 mile trek was made easier because high tide was cresting and there was no headwind. Our first leg had us cutting through the harbor, making a beeline to Long Point lighthouse but as we neared the sandy hook of the tip of the Cape, we noticed a boat full of men in various stages of undress jumping off the boat, swimming and basically just having a good time. I was so clueless and ended up awkwardly kayaking between them. They were good sports about it and since I was all of 5′ from them, I refrained from gawking or taking photos.

provincetownAfter we pulled our kayaks up on the beach we walked around a bit and took the obligatory selfies in front of Long Point lighthouse which was constructed back in the early 1800s.  Neither Ed nor I felt much like sitting still so we put our kayaks back in the water, hugging the coastline and coming to shore so I could snap this photo (see below) which shows how narrow the dunes get: below is a photo of open ocean on the left and Ptown’s sheltered harbor on the right.

After, we aimed our kayaks for the historic Red Inn to enjoy some ‘light refreshments’. En route, we found ourselves surrounded by a pod of about 20 seals. They were both curious and skittish so while it was fun to see them swimming all around us, none of my photos could quite capture the moment.

Part of the reward of all that kayaking, is knowing we will enjoy cold beers and raw bar. After about 2 hours of ‘relaxing’ by the bar, we put our kayaks back in the water one final time to return the rentals. On our way back we stumbled upon these two sea monsters who turned out to be quite friendly and the perfect ending to a great day out in Provincetown.

Provincetown unicornIf you have questions about kayaking in Provincetown or other suggestions should you be planning a visit, feel free to reach out to me.

Provincetown’s Provinceland bike trail

Provincetown duneSergio and I come to Provincetown a couple times each year and whenever we visit I’m reminded how much I enjoy it here. It really is a special place for us.

Earlier this week I opted to rent a bike and escape the heat by riding out to Race Point which you can get to on bike trails on Cape Cod’s National Seashore. The hilly ride through the dunes and forest in Provincetown is such a fun way to spend a few hours of your day if you want to get out and enjoy the weather.

Below are a few more photos from that bike ride. Provincetown duneProvincetownProvincetown duneWhile there is never a bad season to visit Provincetown, there is something very rewarding about working up a sweat biking through the bicycle trails and ending up at Race Point Beach where you can hop in the water, take in the spectacular coastline and cool off.

I biked the Cape Cod Provinceland Trail for more info about the bike trail visit, The Cape Cod Bike Guide.

Much thanks to our friends Dave & Chris who invited us to join them in Ptown, which afforded me the opportunity to share these great photos. 

Entertainment in Ptown: August & September shows

Provincetown summer entertainment

When readers reach out to me for suggestions about Provincetown I always make sure to suggest catching a show. The variety of entertainment is really astonishing; there is something for everyone.  So if you are planning a trip to Ptown this summer check out who might be performing.

Below I have listed entertainers who perform throughout the summer and below that is a listing of shows that will be taking place for a limited time in Aug & Sept.


Starting in May at The Crown & Anchor (performance days vary)
From May 25 – September 13 Wed thru Sun at The Pilgrim House
From May 26 – September 5 on Wed & Fri at The Crown & Anchor
From May 30 – September 15 Wed thru Sun at The Crown & Anchor
From June 7 – Sept 21 brings her NYC drag show to the Pilgrim House
From June 21-September 6 on  Mon|Tues|Th|Fri at the Art House
From June 21 – August 30 on Th & Fri at the Art House
From June 21 – September 7 at the Pilgrim House
From June 23 – September 8 each Sun at Fishermen Hall
From Jun 27 – Sep 8 on Mon|Tues & Fri|Sat at The Art House
From Jun 30-Aug 31 Wed thru Sat at The Crown & Anchor
From Jun 30-Sep 8 Sun thru Tues at The Art House
From July 2-September 5 Tues thru Th at The Art House
From Jul 8 – August 29 Mon thru Th at The Provincetown Theater
From July 3 – Sep 5 on Wed & Th at The Art House
From  July 6 – September 1 on Sat thru Mon at The Art House
From July 23 – August 5 Tues thru Th at The Crown & Anchor

Provincetown summer entertainmentLIMITED ENGAGEMENT – AUGUST / SEPTEMBER

Aug 3 & 4 at The Crown and Anchor
August 3, 5 & 6 at The Art House
August 4 is at Town Hall
August 5 & 6 at The Pilgrim House
August 5 & 6
ADA VOX (from This season’s American Idol)
August 7 & 9 at the Pilgrim House
August 8 & 9 at The Crown and Anchor
August 9 & 10 is part of the Broadway at The Art House series
August 9 & 10 is at The Art House
August 10 at Town Hall
August 11 at Town Hall
WELL STRUNG (One Week Only!)
August 11 – 16 at The Art House
August 13 at The Crown & Anchor
August 14 & 15 at The Crown and Anchor
August 15 at The Crown and Anchor
August 16 & 17 is part of the Broadway at The Art House series
August 17 is at Town Hall
August 19 – 25 at The Crown and Anchor
August 25 & 26 is part of the Broadway at The Art House series
August 26 & 27 is at The Crown and Anchor
August 28 – September 1 is part of the Broadway at The Art House series
September 4 – 6 at the Pilgrim House

Have an event that I overlooked? Add it in the comments section and / or email me at to have the event added.