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Red Sox championship parade

Boston Red SoxCalled a “Rolling Rally” by The Boston Globe, today’s Red Sox World Series Championship parade was incredibly pleasant,thanks to unseasonably warm and sunny weather.

There was a relaxed atmosphere in the crowd that poured in from all over New England and beyond to see the parade.  This kid’s sign pretty much sums up Boston’s good fortune in recent years.

I can’t think of any other city in recent years that has dominated in all the major sports leagues, making it truly one of the best places to live if you love sports.

Below are a handful of photos from today’s parade. Boston Red Sox Championship ParadeBoston Red Sox Championship ParadeBoston Red Sox Championship ParadeBoston Red Sox Championship Parade

Show your Red Sox pride

MFA BostonI love this photo making the rounds on the internet today. For those unfamiliar this is the front entrance to the Museum of Fine Arts Boston.

The city’s celebratory parade on the Duck Boats will begin at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday. I’ve taken a screen capture of the parade route, but for more information link hereRed Sox duck boat parade

Red Sox are 2013 World Series Champions

Red Sox World Series BannersFrom worst to first.  Time for Fenway Park to raise another banner.

Go Sox

BostonLast week BuzzFeed had posted The 23 Most Boston Things To Ever Happen.  It is rather bizarre but a few of the photos had me smiling. Like this image.  I’m very excited about tonight’s game against St. Louis.

Thanks to @MoInMontrose for pointing out this article.

2013 American League Champions: Red Sox

Red SoxI’ve been quiet for much of the baseball season not wanting to jinx what has turned out to be a surprisingly strong and balanced Red Sox team.

The headline from today’s Boston Globe says it all.  This team has continued to surprise and inspire throughout the season. Victorino’s stunning 7th inning grand slam that put the Red Sox back on top and deflated the Detroit Tigers is the perfect example.  Now it is on to the World Series where all of Red Sox nation waits with baited breath.

Red Sox Nation

Red Sox FanAfter two heartbreaking seasons, the Boston Red Sox surprised the pundits and exceeded everyone’s expectations, ending the year with the best record in the American League and tied with St. Louis for the best record in all of Major League Baseball.

About an hour ago the Red Sox started their first playoff game. against Tampa Bay.  I am optimistically hopeful for another great play off season and am thankful to have the Red Sox as a distraction to the dumb asses in DC.

Heading to Fenway Park

Red Sox FanI’m off to my last regular season Red Sox game tonight. The team is headed for post season play and I believe can be the first major league team in baseball to secure a spot in the play offs if they win tonight.

How much does a beer cost at your ballpark

Beer prices at baseball parksAnyone who has attended a Red Sox game at Fenway Park will not be surprised to see that the price of a beer is more here than anywhere else.  I think the only surprise in this graphic is that it is so expensive to buy a beer in St. Louis – the home city of Budweiser.

For those of you attending tonight’s game at Fenway Park against the Chicago White Sox, don’t say you weren’t warned.

Red Sox

Red SoxThe playoffs are still a couple months away, but now that we are firmly in the second half of the major league baseball season most Boston Red Sox fans find themselves pleasantly smug.  The drama and bad energy associated with last  season is a distant memory.  Does it make me smile to see the NY Yankees near the bottom of the barrel? Maybe a little 😉

Pride Night at Fenway Park June 6th

Boston Red SoxNow that this photo of former Red Sox player, Gabe Kapler, has got your attention, I wanted to let you know that this year Boston Pride has secured a block of Red Sox tickets for Thursday, June 6th during Boston Pride Week.

This is a unique opportunity to watch a game at Fenway with a few hundred other LGBT Sox fans.  Grab tickets while they last and come down to cheer on the Red Sox who will be playing the Texas Rangers.

Tickets cost $30 and following the game  everyone is invited over to Ramrod/ Machine to enjoy some post-game food (free) and cold cocktails.  To purchase individual or group tickets for you and friends; details here.


BaseballThe Boston Red Sox return home to Boston today for their home opener at Fenway Park after a week long road trip to open the 2013 season.

Flashback Friday

YazThis week the Boston Red Sox started the 2013 Major League Baseball season playing the New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium on Monday so I figured I’d use the start of baseball season as an excuse to post this image of Carl Yastrzemski, better known to fans as Yaz.  Carl Yastrzemski played for the Red Sox for 23 seasons and was elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1989.

Play ball

Red Sox and Yankees play this weekThe dreaded New York Yankees open their 2013 baseball season playing the blessed but often misunderstood Red Sox in New York City this afternoon.  Both teams are saddled with a lot of baggage, but fans from both cities will no doubt be filled with hope.

A day at Fenway

Last weekend I made what is likely my final visit to Fenway Park since the Red Sox season has been more than disappointing and will conclude at the end of this month. It was easy to forget about their abysmal season since I was accompanied by my two nephews and brother. Boston GuyThat’s my brother far left followed by Jack and Austin.  It is hard to say what was their favorite part of the day: the game, the food, or the play ground afterward.   My favorite moment was when my nephew, Jack, told his younger brother, Austin, “when you go to middle school the playgrounds are just grass and you have to learn to deal with it, because life is hard.”

Fenway Park

Boston Red SoxYesterday I went to Fenway Park for the first time this season.  The weather could not have been better with the sun shining and temperatures in the upper 80s it seemed more like August than April. Unfortunately the Red Sox lost but it didn’t take away from our fun. Below are few photos of Fenway Park; the oldest Major League Baseball field.  Later this week Fenway will celebrate it’s 100th birthday.

Fenway ParkBoston Red SoxIpswich Street Entrance
From Lansdowne StreetBoston Red SoxHow sweet – Patriot’s Day TicketBoston Red Sox