$2 Taco Tuesday Nights

Every Tuesday, Tremont647 and adjoining Sister Sorel have a selection of $2.00 tacos you can order for dinner. Last night, I was going to join my friend and fellow blogger, 40Something Life, for dinner but plans changed when the weather did not cooperate so I opted to head over to Sister Sorel.

I’m a huge fan of cheap eats and one can have quite a dinner (beer included) all for about $10.00 on Tuesday’s at Tremont647 or Sister Sorel. That’s hard to beat. If you live in Boston or are visiting on a Tuesday night, its worth checking out. Although Tremont647 is larger and better known, I’m partial to eating at the shabby little sister restaurant, Sister Sorel and its candlelit bar.

What you see below are three tacos: lamb and yogurt; mushroom, cheese and poblano peppers; and finally fish and mango tacos. In addition, I ordered a delicious side of guacamole (paid extra for that bit) and my favorite redneck beer, PBR.

Tremont 647 on Urbanspoon

5 responses to “$2 Taco Tuesday Nights

  1. That looks wonderful. It's taken me a while to expand my definition of "taco" beyond seasoned ground beef and cheddar cheese, but now that I have I'm not looking back.


  2. Really? PBR? You're more country than me.


  3. Is it too early in the morning for me to crave tacos and beer?


  4. I want to taste the beer…



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