How to survive a Boston winter

Starting this past fall I wrote a few posts called “How to survive a Boston winter”. I thought I’d provide some guidance for all those who may not have had to ‘weather’ a New England winter before. While many of my past posts can be adopted by anyone living in  a colder climate (you can read them here, here and here), this months feature truly is advice for those in Boston.

When the mercury drops and temperatures are freezing, visiting a museum is a great way to pass a day, but Boston is very lucky to have the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.  The original building was modeled after a Venetian palace and home to the eccentric woman who the museum is named for. Starting Thursday, January 19th The Gardner reopens after a brief closure to put the finishing touches on its largest expansion in the museum’s 109 year history. If you visit be sure to go to the original building.  In the middle of her house is a tiny, but beautiful garden where you can literally smell roses in bloom, see a beautiful patch of grass and temporarily forget that the weather outside is downright frightful. If you can’t get away and find the winter too much to take then treat yourself by visiting the Gardner; it’ll do a world of good.

5 responses to “How to survive a Boston winter

  1. I’ll be moving from Brazil to Boston in January and that’s a great tip. Thanks.


  2. plus don’t forget… the museum is free on your birthday! just bring your license.


  3. The husband and I wrote the libretto for an opera on Isabella that climaxed with the development and opening of the museum; it premiered in Boston last May. She was an amazing woman; there were aspects of her life that are almost unbelievable


  4. I’ve worked in Boston (live in RI) for going on 14 years now and, yet, I have never been to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Am going to have to get off my lazy ass and get over there! Thanks, Bos Guy!



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