Independent Film Festival of Boston

Last week the Independent Film Festival of Boston announced their 2012 line up.  This festival, now entering its 10th year, shows films one might not get a chance to see anywhere else.  The festival includes a selection of American movies made outside the Hollywood studio system, as well as International films, with a mix of narrative features and documentaries, short films, including animation and experimental genres.

Are you a movie buff? You may want to check out this year’s line up. Check out the festivals website,

One response to “Independent Film Festival of Boston

  1. Don’t miss “Polisse”, Great film, difficult subject, yet important to be seen and again a great film………nominated for a “César”, France’s ‘Oscar’
    “2 days in New York” is a fun movie, Julie Delpy is always enjoyable and subtly has some things to say. sort of followup to her ” 2 days in Paris”.



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