ILGA: Gay rights around the world

gay rightsEach year The ILGA produces maps on Gay and Lesbian rights in the world as well as its State Sponsored Homophobia report.

Share this with friends, most of their materials are available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French. This year the world map as shown above has been also produced in Chinese, German, Hindi and Turkish.

The organization also provides maps that focus on specific regions of the world including Asia, Africa, Latin America and The Caribbean.   You can learn more about this organization and download a copy of the map and report by visiting their website

ILGA – Video to end homophobia 

2 responses to “ILGA: Gay rights around the world

  1. Reblogged this on My Spice Dish and commented:
    Simlpy Eye opening! I wanted to share this on my Spice Dish to let everyone know (incase they havent known already) about May 17th. Lets CHALLENGE THE WORLD #spicekateers and all fellow gays and friends of gays- Let them know we are not Criminals and that yes we are human beings and all that we want is respect to be free to love and treated with respect under the same laws that govern us all equally!



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