Election day

Boston PrideIt is election day in the United States today. While most do not have significant elections in this off year, Bostonians are heading to the polls to vote for a new mayor. Mayor Menino will retire next year after serving Boston for the past 20 years, making him the longest serving mayor of a major city in the US; he was first elected in 1993.

I can’t help but feel like this new mayor will be a one-term guy. Similar to “rebound” relationships, after 20+ years, I just don’t see how this new Mayor will be able to step out from under the legacy of Menino so in my mind he’s Boston’s “rebound mayor”.

2 responses to “Election day

  1. I’m content to wait and see. But I’ve been ready for a new mayor for a while now (not crazy about Menino’s his famed thinskinnedness or his reluctance to embrace new things like technology), and hoping new blood will mean a new start for things like cable competition. Verizon FiOS had big plans to wire up Boston but had to abandon them due to (supposedly) roadblocks from the Mayor’s Office. Let’s see if there is any truth to that, and if it can be turned around …


  2. I concur with your observation that whomever is elected today will be a one term mayor. I am very thankful for Mayor Menino’s twenty years of service, it is bittersweet as I have worked on his campaigns since back in the early 1990s.



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