Dewey Square’s latest mural inspires and gives me hope

Mehdi Ghadyanloo, Rose Kennedy Greenway art, Boston Public Art, Dewey SquareLast month I wrote about the Iranian artist, Mehdi Ghadyanloo, who was asked to paint a mural in Boston’s Dewey Square. The artist has made a name for himself painting large trompe-l’oeils in his homeland and the mural that the public was able to watch him create which spans an impressive 76′ x 70′ is a beautiful addition to the Rose Kennedy Greenway.

Called, Spaces of Hope, the mural does not disappoint and is a welcome addition following what I thought was an uninspiring mural it replaced. You can read more about the artist and his first piece of public art here in the US by visiting the Rose Kennedy Greenway website here.

Below I’ve posted the murals in chronological order that have previously graced this facade in Dewey Square.BosArts, boston public art, Mehdi GhadyanlooI’m proud that this Iranian artist was commissioned and given this space to share his work. Good art like Ghadyanloo can help foster dialog and breakdown stereotypes; something I think our country needs to do more of if we are going to come together as one nation.

One response to “Dewey Square’s latest mural inspires and gives me hope

  1. Thank you for sharing so publicly. Art is our only real greatness



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