Sanctuary cities like Boston face real threat from Trump

Boston, sanctuary city, immigrationRecently San Francisco made news by passing a resolution, indicating they intend to remain a sanctuary city. I’m proud that Boston’s Mayor as well as mayors from several surrounding cities including Cambridge and Somerville have also repeated that they will remain a sanctuary city even if it means losing federal funding which could happen, considering President-elect Trump has pledged to move against sanctuary cities financially, saying,“We will cancel all federal funding to sanctuary cities.”

It is hard to tell what will happen, but I support Mayor Walsh on this issue. Donald Trump may have won the presidential election but he lost in a landslide here and his values are not my state’s values. I’d rather Boston work with mayors from other cities like San Francisco and New York City than compromise on this.

Republican Immigration platformRelated Stories in the news:
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One response to “Sanctuary cities like Boston face real threat from Trump

  1. Nice! That’s what Boston is all about!



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