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This summer Shakespeare on the Common will present Richard III

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In case you missed it, earlier this month The Commonwealth Shakespeare Company (CSC) announced that they will return with annual free performances of William Shakespeare on the Boston Common this summer.

This year’s production, Richard III, will run from July 18 – August 5 over by the Parkman Bandstand on the Boston Common. Performances will be Tuesday through Saturday at 8pm; Sundays at 7pm; with one 3pm matinee performance on Saturday, August 4.

Richard III
Directed by Steven Maler
July 18 – August 5, 2018
FREE and open to the public

Gold Dust Orphans next show, Brokelahomo

Ryan Landry, gay boston, boston fringe theaterRyan Landry and his Gold Dust Orphans newest musical, Brokelahomo, opens in less than two months on April 26th. Get your tickets before they sell out.

About Brokelahomo
Brokelahomo is a town in trouble. Overrun by dirty, outlaw gays, the few law abiding citizens left must spend their days dodging bullets, putting out church fires and fearing for their pets lives. That is until a heterosexual is sent for. Enter Dusty Rhodes, the unlikely hero of this far out fable set in the groovy 1880s! Will Dusty clean up the town? Or will the gay cattle rustlers and homo hoodlums head him off at the pass?

Opening April 26th and running through May 27th, performances will run every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night at 8pm with matinees every Saturday and Sunday afternoon at 5pm.

Get Your Tickets: Brokelahomo

Zeitgeist Stage presents: Steve

Zeitgeist Stage, Mark Gerrard, bosartsLast weekend I was able to see, Steve, a play from Boston’s Zeitgeist Stage. The show’s simple staging and cast of six makes the small theater seem even more intimate. When I arrived I didn’t know quite what to expect, and I was pleasantly surprised by the witty writing, which is chalk-full of Broadway musical zingers and references.

The play centers on Steven, a former Broadway chorus boy and waiter turned stay-at-home dad, who finds his relationship on the rocks. While fingers are pointed and accusations are made, friends close to the couple become entwined in the drama. The show has several funny moments and a surprisingly touching ending that left my friend who came to the show with me a tad misty eyed.

zeitgeist stage, boston theater, mark gerard, steve

Actors Alex Jacobs, Jenny Reagan, and Mike Nilsson in Zeitgeist Stage Company’s production of STEVE by Mark Gerrard || Photo credit: David J. Miller

The play runs for 100 minutes and does not have an intermission. This is a great show to see with friends and fortunately tickets remain. All shows take place here in the South End at the Plaza Black Box Theater at the Boston Center for the Arts. Performances run through March 24th Wednesday thru Sunday and are a very affordable, so go check it out and let me know what you think.

Get Your Tickets To See Steve

Boston’s local theater scene: Check out one of these shows

Local theater companies have some excellent plays and musicals opening over the next few weeks, starting with Lyric Stage Company’s latest production, VIRGINIA WOOLF’S ORLANDO, which opens this Friday.

For those looking for a modern day gay-themed show, be sure to check out the  Zeitgeist Stage Company’s new show, STEVE, which is about two longtime partners raising their son with a surrogate.

Boston’s local theater scene continues to enjoy a Renaissance of sorts so take advantage of the talent (and much more affordable prices at these local theater companies). Make a date night with that significant other or encourage a group of friends to start the night by catching a show before heading out for drinks.

lyric stage company, bosarts, theaterRunning February 23 – March 25th: Lyric Stage Company’s latest production, VIRGINIA WOOLF’S ORLANDO, is a joyful romance of gender roles. Orlando the man wakes up, after a particularly wild night in 17th-century Constantinople, to find himself a woman! She abandons herself to three centuries of navigating love, desire, and the world from an entirely different perspective.

Central Square Theater, bosarts, theaterRunning March 1 – April 1st: The Central Square Theater next production, GUARDS AT THE TAJ is set in India in 1648. For two Imperial guards who are protecting the palace, close friends since childhood, dawn’s first light will set in motion a ghoulishly unthinkable task that will challenge their faith, friendship, and duty. The dark comedy examines two average men who get swept up in the beauty, carnage, and zealotry surrounding one of the wonders of the world.

zeitgeist theatre, bosarts, theaterRunning March 2 – 24th: Zeitgeist Stage Company’s new show, STEVE, is about two longtime partners raising their son with a surrogate. The couple are doing their best not to feel confined by their newfound domesticity, but a casual case of sexting sets off a series of questions and recriminations. The play holds up a clear but compassionate mirror to anyone who’s been part of a post-passion long-term relationship and started to question what now?

SpeakEasy Stage, bosarts, theaterRunning March 2 – 31st: SpeakEasy Stage Company’s latest production, EVERY BRILLIANT THING, is a one-woman show, that starts with a young girl’s focus on things that make life worth living to try and ease her mother’s depression. As she ages the list grows and she learns the deep significance the list has on her own life, as she goes to college, falls in love, and builds a home.

NewRep Theatre, bosarts, theaterRunning March 17 – April 8th: NewRep Theatre in Watertown latest production THE BAKELITE MASTERPIECE opens a the end of WWII with artist Han van Meegeren sitting in a prison cell accused of selling a long-lost Vermeer to the Nazis. A crime tantamount to treason, van Meegeren contends that the painting was a forgery, which he skillfully produced and aged with a special treatment of the plastic known as Bakelite. Now he must create another masterpiece in front of his jailer, art historian Geert Piller, to save his life. The Bakelite Masterpiece is a dynamic and compelling Boston-area premiere from playwright Kate Cayley.

NewRep Theatre presents Lonely Planet

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NewRep Theatre: Photo by Andrew Brilliant / Brilliant Pictures

The NewRep Theater located in Watertown currently has a show getting a lot of attention called, Lonely Planet, which tells the story of two friends during the height of the AIDS epidemic in America. The play has been revived as part of the NewRep’s 2017-2018 season, which is focused on the theme of resilience.

While AIDS is no longer a death sentence the stigma remains and the virus continues to impact gay men and communities of color disproportionately. Lonely Planet asks the audience to look beyond the virus, that has killed more than 35 million people, and focus on community and compassion. The two-hour play  centered on the friendship between Carl and Jody provides an interesting and sometimes humorous contrast between the two as they struggle to make sense of a virus that is ravaging their community.

The play opened on February 3rd and runs through March 4th. Tickets remain for most shows.

For tickets and more information click here

Moulin Rouge opens at The Colonial in June

bosarts, Emerson Colonial, Colonial TheaterA world-premiere musical stage adaptation of the film “Moulin Rouge”, opens in  Boston this summer before heading to Broadway. Tickets went on sale to the general public this past weekend is certain to sell out if it hasn’t already so if you’re interested in seeing the show, don’t dally and order your tickets today.

The long dormant Colonial Theater, which closed in October 2015 will reopen after undergoing a spectacular renovation, bringig the 100+ year theater back to its former glory thanks to a significant investment from Emerson College. BosArts, boston theaterShown above is a rendering from London-based Ambassador Theatre Group & Boston-based Elkus Manfredi Architects of what the remodeled 1,700 seat theater will look like when it opens to the public this June. With the reopening of The Colonial Boston’s historic theater district will once again have nine theaters hosting performances.

Lyric Stage Co’s, Road Show

Stephen SondheimLooking for a date night suggestion for a friend who loves musicals? Perhaps you’d like to check out The Lyric Stage Company’s latest production, Road Show.  The Sondheim musical made its New England debut when it opened at the Lyric Stage Co. earlier this month and it runs through February 11th.

Road Show was inspired by a New Yorker article Stephen Sondheim read about the real-life Mizner brothers, Addison and Wilson, who were born in California in the late 1800s. Beginning at the deathbed of their father who encourages them to go out and mold the new nation, the musical spans the globe from the Klondike gold rush to India, Hawaii, Guatemala, New York, and eventually the real-estate boom of Boca Raton, Florida. Over 40 years, the brothers seek out the amorphous and elusive American Dream through the booms and busts of the early 20th century, with bouts of brotherly love and hate. The musical travelogue takes a close look at the optimism and opportunism of the time through the lens of two ambitious, eccentric, and charming individuals.

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