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24-hour comedy fundraiser for Globe Santa

Does the holiday season stress you out? Boston’s Improv Asylum will be  performing for 24-hours, starting Thursday at 7PM. The ensemble is composed of current Improv Asylum cast members as well as alumni and special guests. The event will also feature interviews with local celebrities, auctions with items perfect for last-minute Christmas gifts, and more. Tickets are just $25.

More info about Boston Improv’s 24-hour Globe Santa fundraiser

SpeakEasy Stage flash sale is Thursday, Dec 14

bosarts, boston theater, shakespeare in loveLooking for a holiday present to pick up for a friend or someone special? SpeakEasy Stage is hosting a flash sale on Thursday, December 14th from Noon to Midnight online and from Noon to 7PM at their ticket booth in the South End for their upcoming show, Shakespeare in Love.

Tickets will be slashed for performances from January 6 – 25th to $35 for orchestra seats and $25 for mezzanine seats. For that amount of money you can throw in a few drinks or grab a dinner together and have a fantastic evening.

Purchase your tickets online here:
But remember the sale only runs on Thursday from Noon to Midnight!

You may also purchase tickets by calling 617-933-8600 or visiting their ticket booth at 527 Tremont Street in the South End from Noon to 7PM.

Lyric Stage Co. presents Hold These Truths

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Get Your Tickets Here

Friday, December 1st is opening night for The Lyric Stage Company’s latest production, Hold These Truths, a 90-minute play based on the true story of Gordon Hirabayashi, an American Sociologist and son of Japanese immigrants, who is best known for resisting internment during World War II.

Actor Michael Hisamoto plays Hirabayashi, a college student and a Quaker, whose hope and patriotism will leave you cheering.  Hirabayashi’s story is told through flashbacks, taking the audience through his early life, challenging the curfew and exclusion orders in 1942. His storytelling is assisted by a trio of kurogo — traditional Japanese stage hands.

While Hirabayashi may have lost his case when he was alive, but Hirabayashi, he was posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2012 by President Barack Obama. Paving the way to Hirabayashi’s ultimate victory. Full of theatricality and humanity, Hold These Truths celebrates resistance and offers startling parallels for contemporary politics.

The Slutcracker opens Friday, December 1st

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“Dance of the Reed Pole”

“A Great Hymn to Christmas and Sexuality” – John Waters

One of Boston’s naughtiest holiday theatrical traditions, The Slutcracker, opens later this week on Friday, December 1st at the Somerville Theatre in Davis Square. For those of you who may be unfamiliar, The Slutcracker provides a scene-by-scene retelling of The Nutcracker with a naughty twist.

Performances start Friday, December 1st and will run through December 31st, but tickets to this show sell quickly and they have a limited calendar the last week of the month so do not delay.

Get Tickets to The Slutcracker

Gold Dust Orphans present: Whatever happened to baby Jesus

gold dust orphans, ryan landry, boston fringe theater, bosartsRyan Landry and his Gold Dust Orphans are back starting at the end of this month with their new Christmas musical, Whatever happened to baby Jesus.

I can only imagine how Ryan Landry’s twisted imagination will weave the story of the 1960s classic, Whatever happened to baby Jane, starring Hollywood icons Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. Opening night is Thursday, November 30th and shows will run through Saturday, December 23rd (every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday). Tickets start at $43.00 including tax and handling fees.

Tickets On Sale Now – Buy Them Here

Boston’s Colonial Theatre will reopen with a world-premiere of ‘Moulin Rouge’

Yesterday, The Boston Globe reported here that the long dormant Colonial Theater now owned by Emerson College will reopen in June 2018 with a world-premiere musical stage adaptation of the film “Moulin Rouge”, which could go on to Broadway following its run here in Boston.

The Colonial, which closed back in October 2015, has had millions of dollars spent renovating the beautifully historic 117-year old theater; with construction expected to be done by the spring. The international producer, Ambassador Theatre Group from London entered into a long-term lease with Emerson to operate the Colonial Theatre so Bostonians can expect a full line up of excellent shows following Moulin Rouge.

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Rendering from Ambassador Theatre Group & Elkus Manfredi Architects

Final week to see Men on Boats

Boston theater, bosartsIt is the final week to see The SpeakEasy Stage Company’s production of Men on Boats, currently being performed at the Calderwood Pavilion in the South End.

If you are looking to make plans for later this week consider picking up tickets to see this gender-bending cast of performers who use carefully exaggerated theatrics to tell the story of an actual 1869 expedition led by John Wesley Powell to chart the Colorado River.

I want tickets to SpeakEasy Stage Co’s Men on Boats

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