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Marriage Equality pop-up party in Boston

GLAD, TWC, The welcoming committeeWhile nothing is certain, there is a great deal of optimism and hope surrounding the pending Supreme Court of the United States ruling on marriage equality.  That ruling is expected as early as June 18th but could also be announced on 22, 25, 29, or 30th; the latter two dates (29th & 30th) are considered most likely.

In anticipation of that ruling both the Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD) and The Welcoming Committee (TWC) are hosting a free pop-up party in the Back Bay at 6pm the day the ruling is announced.

Since the exact date of the ruling is not certain, check the GLAD & TWC Facebook event page for details once you hear the announcement.

Marriage Equality Pop Up Party in Boston

Dick of the Week: Governor Rick Snyder (R-MI)

Governor Rick Snyder, Religious FreedomThe Human Rights Campaign joined with a number of other organizations today condemning Gov. Rick Snyder of Michigan for signing into law what they described as “a package of extreme anti-LGBT adoption bills into law.”

For those who think PRIDE marches are no longer necessary, Gov. Snyder (R-MI) reminds us why we need to keep marching. 

Once again hiding behind that code language of “religious freedom” Governor Snyder enshrined special taxpayer-funded discrimination into Michigan law that allows discrimination against committed and loving LGBT couples from adopting children. Under the legislation, faith-based agencies that contract with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services can operate in accordance with their beliefs.

Let us be very clear the only reason one cites “religious freedom” is to codify bigotry. People who have claimed their religious freedom is being impinged have a dubious history; religious freedom has been cited for the need to maintain slavery, oppose a women’s right to vote, ending segregation, banning interracial marriages and now most recently providing services to the LGBT community.

Hillary Clinton wants to make voting more accessible and easier in the United States

Hillary ClintonIn a speech in earlier today, Hillary Clinton, called for federal legislation that would automatically register all Americans over the age of 18 and would mandate at least 20 days of early voting ahead of elections.

Hillary Clinton’s rally cry championing voting rights stands in stark contrast to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie; Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker; former Florida governor Jeb Bush; and former Texas governor Rick Perry who all championed and signed into law legislation that restricted voting rights and disproportionately impacted poor and minorities, making it harder for them to vote in elections.

It looks like Hillary wants to have a national dialog on voting rights in the US. This isn’t exactly surprising since there is a direct correlation between higher voter turn out and Democrats winning elections, but it is refreshing and something I welcome hearing more about in the general election.


Marijuana dispensaries continue to face hurdles in MA

potThis week’s Boston Courant article by David Rosen,  Another Pot Shop Site Is Facing Opposition, is disheartening (but hardly surprising) to read.  In 2012 MA overwhelmingly voted at the ballot to legalize marijuana for medical purposes, but since that time Beacon Hill and lobbyists working in conjunction with many neighborhood associations have done their best to make sure that not a single dispensary opens in the area.

Massachusetts citizens have overwhelmingly indicated their desire for these dispensaries to open and much to the chagrin of our current Governor who has said he will do anything he can to prevent a dispensary from opening a Suffolk / Boston Herald poll from 2014 indicates that 53% of likely voters favor legalizing marijuana for sale – similar to laws in Colorado and Washington state while only 37% of the electorate indicated they oppose it.

For the record, I would love to invite a dispensary to open here in the South End. I would certainly welcome having this here before another bank, mortgage or real estate office is permitted to open.

Sen Rand Paul says GOP Hawks ‘created’ ISIS

Senator Rand Paul on Republicans and Isis

Yesterday morning Republican Presidential candidate Rand Paul surprised me with the passion which he expressed the sentiments shared above and how vigorously he pushed back when questioned about his foreign policy views which were described as ‘isolationist’.

Step right up to the smallest tent in town: Republican Party

Republican Primary Clown ShowNot a single one of them is willing to say they support marriage equality and every one of them think businesses that want to discriminate against gay couples should have the right based on “religious freedom”.   Hashtag this post #STFU.

Ireland votes to legalize gay marriage

marriage equalityCongratulations to Ireland.  While official results have not been formally tabulated it appears the general referendum on granting full marriage equality rights for gay couples has been overwhelmingly voted by the Irish people (some estimates are saying by 70%).

“It is about removing discrimination. It is about removing inequality. It’s historic, and that’s why I’ll be voting yes,” Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny 

While I’m still not an advocate for voting on minority rights, this is an historic milestone for a devoutly Catholic country, which only 20 years ago in 1995 legalized divorce.  Issues of social justice matter to Catholics and not all Catholics see homosexuality as a sin.  Gone are the days that we need to accept the phrase “Love the sinner; hate the sin.”  While the US is a completely different society, I hope the results in Ireland send a chill down Conservatives backs here and we can put this issue to rest in our own country next month when our US Supreme Court (hopefully) rules in favor of marriage equality.