Boston Santa Speedo Run 2015

Boston Santa Speedo Run 2015In case you missed it, this past Saturday Boston hosted the 16th Annual SSR (Santa Speedo Run) in the Back Bay.

This year there were fewer runners than in past years despite the unseasonably warm temperature but there remained (as usual) a very large contingent of gay men who participated.  Notably two large teams that have been raising money for several years: Team Wrecking Ballz who were dressed in black with antlers and Team Straight As A Candy Cane.

Unfortunately this year I cannot make a video but below are some photos from the run, which raises money for the PlayBall! Foundation.  Much thanks to Sergio for taking photographs and special thanks to friend and reader, Kyle Szary for sharing his photographs with me to share with you this year.

Boston Santa Speedo Run 2015 vi

Team Straight As A Candy Cane

Boston Santa Speedo Run 2015 v

Team Wrecking Ballz

Boston Santa Speedo Run 2015 KS iiSSR15, Playball! FoundationBoston Santa Speedo Run 2015 iiiBoston Santa Speedo Run 2015 KS iiiBoston Santa Speedo Run 2015 KS i

Past Santa Speedo Runs in Boston that I covered:

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Santa Speedo Run 2013
Santa Speedo Run 2012
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Santa Speedo Run 2009

As usual, thanks to the city and organizers who put on this fun run and to everyone who participated. See you in December 2016.

3 responses to “Boston Santa Speedo Run 2015

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  2. Oh, someone else shared the video.

    Well, I shall do so, too! So there!

    Thanks, again, BosGuy.


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