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BosGuy pledge drive

BosGuy Pledge DriveI recognize I’m preaching to the converted if you’re a regular reader but if you aren’t I want to encourage you to subscribe by clicking the “follow” button and or liking my facebook page.

Special thanks to any of you who share this post on Facebook or Twitter.  Since I don’t do any advertising most people find out about my blog thru word of mouth; truly old school marketing here. Thank you to everyone who reads this blog and to those bloggers who regularly share my posts (you know who you are).

BosGuy’s Top 5 posts from December

BosGuys December PostsIn the month of December I published nearly 100 posts, and these are the five most viewed from the month. Considering how many visits each of these account for it is highly unlikely the rankings will change with only one day remaining.

Boston Santa Speedo Run 2015 KS iv1 – No surprise learning that my Boston Santa Speedo Run 2015 was my most viewed / visited post in the month of December.  Published in the middle of the month, several national blogs and a handful of larger Instagram accounts featured photos from my post.

Disrobing Soccer Player2 – I Should Really Start Watching Soccer Games was published on a whim after the photo was emailed to me the previous month. From the web stats it looks like many of you viewed and shared the provocative photograph.

underwear infographic3 – I published Gay Men and Their Underwear because I liked The Underwear Expert’s infographic, showing things like style preference, frequency of purchases and favorite colors. It looks like you liked it too.

Adrian De Berardinis, cooking4- Big surprise here that my post on The Bear-Naked Chef by Adrian De Berardinis was popular. Published on the 19th it was still able to rack up enough views to be one of my most visited posts. Check out episode 1, here.

Ryan Landry, Gold Dust Orphans5 – Readers also like my posts about what is happening in Boston.  Ryan Landry and the Gold Dust Orphans holiday musical Opening Weekend for Little Orphan Tranny rounded out my top five blog posts of the month.

If you didn’t happen to see these posts feel free to check them out and share them with others who you think might enjoy them.

Weather report

WeatherI know my readers so I’ve opted for some very unsubtle subliminal imagery with this post.  I’m not exactly bragging as much as I’m just thankful to feel the warmth of the summer sun and enjoying the longer days here in Brazil.

Early next week Sergio and I will pack up. Say good bye to his Mom and head to Sao Paulo for a few days of retail therapy before flying back home to Boston. I would be fine if we came back to the weather Boston has today.

Saturday morning comics: Casey At The Bat

CLICK ON IMAGE BELOW TO ENLARGE TO READCasey at the Bat by Bob Glasscock

Casey At The Bat is a comic strip follows the adventures of a young, gay man and his friends in life, love and sports!  Casey At The Bat is the work of the very talented Bob Glasscock who resides in NYC.

You can read back issues and order Casey At The Bat volume 1 from his website,

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Naked magic show in Boston: Oct 21-25

Naked Magic Show

Do you like magic? Do you like Australian men who have a penchant for getting in the buff? Then I think you may want to check out The Naked Magic Show coming to Boston later this month, October 21 – 25.

Tickets to The Naked Magic Show
GroupOn for The Naked Magic Show – Boston

Words that people get mixed up

I stumbled upon this on The Gay Gasp and thought it was very worthwhile sharing.