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Thanksgiving humor

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving day

Gay thanksgivingIt is Thanksgiving in the US today, and I am spending the day with my family up at Lake Winnipesaukee (quite the mouthful – eh?).  If you observe the holiday, I hope you can have yourself a relaxing, fun-filled day with friends and or family.

Happy Thanksgiving

Are you excited for Thanksgiving

Happy ThanksgivingThis guy doesn’t look all that excited for Thanksgiving.  If you observe the American Thanksgiving Holiday, I hope you have a great day tomorrow.  If you happen to be traveling  – I wish you a stress-free and safe journey.

Alabama tanning salon’s Thanksgiving special: ‘Indian color’

ThanksgivingEarlier this month Club Sun, an Alabama chain of tanning salons raised eyebrows when they promised patrons their tanning booths would provide them with “Indian color”.  Apparently the advertisement was pulled shortly after it was posted on their Facebook page and the firm issued apologies for the ad featuring scantily-clad women wearing stilettos.

Club Sun’s Marketing director, David Arnett, ended up posting the following apology, “the ad I created… was in no way intended to be offensive or racist.

Enjoy your pie

ThanksgivingToday is Thanksgiving in the United States, but I’m in Brazil soaking in the sun and enjoying the beach in Rio de Janeiro.  Eat well and enjoy your pie.

Safe travels for your Thanksgiving holiday

travelTomorrow is Thanksgiving in the United States.  While I don’t know the exact numbers, airports, train and bus stations as well as the highways will be filled with people eager to return home and to visit friends for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

Are you traveling to celebrate Thanksgiving?  Give yourself some extra time, and I want to wish you safe travels.  I’m in Brazil this week celebrating Thanksgiving in my own special way, but my thoughts are with my friends and family in the US. Have an extra helping of turkey for me.

Did you get your pie?

community servingsHave you bought your pie yet? You can help those in need when you purchase a Community Servings pie for $25.  Proceeds go to help feed the critically ill. So this year, if you are visiting a friend or family for Thanksgiving, offer to bring dessert and buy a pie (or two).

Buy a Pie for Thanksgiving Here

Not familiar with the great work that Community Servings does for the sick and hungry in Massachusetts?  Watch this video.