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Ruth Pointer is at Club Cafe Sunday, April 17th

Pointer SistersRuth Pointer of The Pointer Sisters was originally scheduled to visit Club Cafe last month but had to reschedule and will be in Boston tomorrow afternoon at Club Cafe on Sunday, 17th at 5PM for a Q&A and to sign of her new memoir “Still So Excited!: My Life As A Pointer Sister“.

Crushing on Bryan Bautista from The Voice

Bryan Bautista from The Voice

Source NY Daily News Bryan Bautista at Barclays Center

I’ve been watching The Voice this season and have to admit I’ve developed a little bit of a crush on the handsome and charming contestant Bryan Bautista.  I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one – just last week guest coach Miley Cyrus was practically gushing when she talked to him. I’ve come to refer to Bryan as my TV crush. Check out his audition and wait til the very end – he is more than just a handsome face – he is a bit of a practical joker and very funny too.

Ruth Pointer comes to Club Cafe March 20th

Ruth Pointer at Club Cafe in BostonRuth Pointer of The Pointer Sisters is coming to Club Cafe Sunday, March 20th at 5PM for a Q&A and to sign of her new memoir “Still So Excited!: My Life As A Pointer Sister“.

Ruth Pointer has been living drug- and alcohol-free for the past 30 years and she shares how she did it in her first autobiography, detailing the Pointer Sisters’ humble beginning, musical apprenticeship, stratospheric success, and the melodic sound that captured the hearts of millions of music fans.

The Realish Housewives of Boston: March 29 – April 3

The Realish Housewives of BostonGrab your friends and get your tickets to The Realish Housewives of Boston. Even if you are not s reality TV fan, this parody of the demented series looks like it is going to be hilarious.

Get Your Tickets to See the Realish Housewives of Boston

Get ready for oodles of hometown reality in this parody performance, where you’ll meet Rovanka, the baroness of an uncertain ethnicity; Claudia Louise, glamorous and conniving in equal measure; Desiree, neck supermodel; Brooke, self-made business tycoon; and Gwen, the only one in the bunch with half a brain. “The Realish Housewives of Boston” is an original play created by comics, Kate James and Tim Sniffen. It roles into Boston for a limited engagement starting Tuesday, March 29th through Sunday, April 3rd.

MADtv 20th Anniversary Reunion Special on January 12th

Suffering from a holiday hangover and have a serious case of the winter blues? Cheer up because next week MADtv will host a one hour 20th anniversary reunion special on the CW on Tuesday, January 12th.  I wonder if Granite State native, Josh Meyers (Seth Meyers’ younger brother), will also make an appearance? Either way this is guaranteed to be fun to watch so set your DVRs.

Kylie Minogue sings “Off With His Shirt” on ABC’s Galavant

Joshua Sasse, Kylie MinogueFans of Kylie Minogue will want to set their DVRs tonight to see the season 2 premiere of the campy  musical, Galavant, at 8PM ET. Galavant, played by Josh Sasse, is punished by the Queen (a.k.a. Kylie Minogue). You’ll love the catchy ditty she sings in the video I’ve included below, “Off With His Shirt!”.

The video has so many gay references it will make your head spin, including a shirtless Galavant tending bar to a clamoring mass of men and Kylie singing playful lyrics you’d expect to hear in a Ryan Landry or Varla Jean Merman song.

Don’t be shy boys
Go to town
I’ll bet that chest
Is heaven blessed

BosGuy predictions for 2016

So it is official – 2015 is now history. As you may have guessed, I have a few lighthearted predictions for 2016 that I’ve included below in no particular order.

Caitlyn Jenner and Kris JennerCaitlyn Jenner will reconcile with Kris Jenner because while they may not love each other, their love of television ratings will bring them back together. To prove their reconciliation is complete, Caitlyn will legally change her name to Kaitlyn, and Kim, Khloe and Kourtney will use the reconciliation to annoy all of America by talking about it non-stop on every talk show on television.

Kim DavisKim Davis – the infamous Kentucky clerk who refused to sign same-sex marriage licenses – will come out as a lesbian and divorce for a fourth time before finding love with an equally ill-tempered hillbilly lesbian who has a stray cat farm in the Appalachian Mountains.  Thanks to Kentucky state law they can and will apply for a same-sex marriage license and live happily ever after.

Donald Trump for PresidentFOX NEWS and The Republican Establishment will suffer simultaneous aneurysms as they realize the hate they have propagated over the past 25 years has yielded them their weakest crop of candidates in 2016; paving the road for Donald Trump to secure the Republican Party’s nomination for President. Trump’s ego will soar and his rhetoric will follow, alienating the party from crucial groups in the US electorate. November elections will result in Democrats taking back both Houses of Congress and Hillary Clinton being elected the first female president – thereby making America great again.

Do you have any predictions for 2016? Feel free to share.