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Tweet of the day: Cindy Crawford without Photoshop

Tweet of the Day Cindy CrawfordLast week this image of Cindy Crawford created quite a stir on Twitter.  I think Charlotte Wilder put it best when describing her reaction when she wrote, “Until last weekend, I thought of myself as the kind of woman who wasn’t affected by how the media portrays women. I thought I was too aware and too savvy to hold myself to standards of beauty that are unreal. Magazines Photoshop everybody and everything. Everyone knows that.

I’m not posting this image to comment on how Cindy Crawford looks.  I’m posting this picture because I think even jaded savvy consumers like you and me are deluded if we think we have a healthy understanding of what a gorgeous woman like Cindy Crawford looks like as she ages (quite gracefully I might add).

I don’t begrudge anyone who wants to Photoshop their photos or engage in any kind of nip and tuck to help hide their years, but I do think that we would all be better off if we kept this image firmly in mind.  Cindy Crawford is beautiful, but she isn’t 18 years old so let’s stop pretending that is an ideal one can maintain. Youth is precious because it is fleeting. If it was forever it wouldn’t be coveted.

You can read more about how this photograph here.

Dreaming of summer

Swan BoatsI’m a wimp. I had to get out of town to feel the warmth of the sun and forget about all this cold and snow.  For those who cannot get away, save this photograph which is posted on Boston.com’s Tumblr page.  Better yet, check out all the wonderful images people have submitted that remind you of how wonderful Boston is in the summer months <sigh>.


muscles, shirtless man, hunkHow I wish I had the discipline, genes and whatever else it would take to be this fit. But then I remember I like french fries and ice cream (but not at the same time because that would be gluttonous).

The unorthodox Orthodox 2015 calendar

Image from Orthodox Calendar 2013

Image from Orthodox Calendar 2012

The OC (Orthodox Calendar) is now selling their 2015 calendar and other materials.  The calendar which was first published in 2012 is the brainchild of a group composed mostly of Orthodox eastern Europeans of the former communist region.

The calendar takes an ironic (and somewhat erotic) approach to the Orthodox Church, which recently has been embroiled in artist repression, questionable behavior and homophobia.  Intrigued? Want to see more or perhaps order a calendar for 2014? Visit their website, www.orthodox-calendar.com.

Thomas Knight’s RED HOT 2015 calendar

Ginger Men, handsome, hunkGinger fans hold on to your hats and check out the RED HOT 2015 anti-bullying calendar video now on YouTube.  The RED HOT website also sells a revealing coffee table book among other items here.


Mario Testino photographs David Gandy

Instagram towel shots by TestinoI’ve had a thing for David Gandy from the first  moment I set eyes on this 30-something English model.  I’ve also long appreciated the eye of Mario Testino so when I saw that the famous photographer was posting a series of pictures of famous men in nothing but a towel I felt it was my civic duty to share the news.

Perhaps this offers an incentive to finally join Instagram.

Boston Pride Retrospective featured on Boston.com

Steven BaumbachLocal photographer, Stephen Baumbach, hosted his one-night Boston Pride Retrospective at Back Bay Harry’s last night.  I wanted to thank Stephen for his hard work and sharing the images as well as Boston Pride and Back Bay Harry’s (with special thanks to Harry Collings) for helping to make this happen on such short notice.

Boston.com was on hand to photograph the event featured it today on their website.  You can check out the photos from last night’s show on Boston.com, here.

This was my favorite photograph from the show.

Stephen Baumbach Boston Pride Retrospective

Stephen Baumbach Boston Pride Retrospective


Boston Pride retrospective tonight at Back Bay Harry’s

Stephen Baumbach, Boston PrideCome and join me tonight at a pop-up photography exhibit I’ve helped to organize with Boston Pride and local photographer, Stephen Baumbach, whom I met during the South End Open Studios in May.

After work tonight come over to Back Bay Harry’s grab a drink (or two) and peruse the collection that will be on display in the backroom.  Stephen has entitled this collection Pride Retrospective “Find Your Moment” and no doubt many of you will recognize yourself and friends at Boston Pride through the years.

Boston Pride Retrospective – Tuesday, June 10th 5-9PM

Back Bay Harry’s  142 Berkeley Street, Boston

Manifest by Blake Little

Gay, BearsEarlier this week I was pleasantly surprised when Blake Little’s book, Manifest, arrived at my house. The coffee table book has 100+ pages of men from coast to coast photographed by Blake Little. As Nick Offerman says in the foreward “These people look like men, like real men.”  Clearly my weekly Furry Friday posts have found new found inspiration in Blake’s collection.

Thank you very much for sending this to me. I have proudly placed it on my coffee table and will continue to peruse it. If you’d like to read more about this book or order a copy visit manifestbook.com.

Virgin Island: Todd Sanfield and Kevin McDermott

Kevin McDermottVirgin Island looks like a beautiful book of nude photographs by Kevin McDermott of model, recent graduate and underwear entrepreneur, Todd Sanfield. Please take note that the book’s promo video is mildly erotic (like all of Todd’s photos) and contains nudity.

The book is filled with both color and black & white images of Todd Sanfield and the island. While I’ve yet to see the book you can order your own copy at virginislandbook.com.


Boston Pride Retrospective: June 10th at Back Bay Harry’s

Stephen Baumbach, Boston PrideI wanted to write about a pop-up gallery show that I have helped organize with Boston Pride and local photographer, Stephen Baumbach, whom I met during the South End Open Studios just a few weeks ago.   Together we have worked as a team to host a one-night only, pop-up gallery in the back room of Back Bay Harry’s.

After work on Tuesday, June 10th, come over to Back Bay Harry’s grab a drink (or two) and peruse the collection on display in the backroom. Stephen has entitled this collection Pride Retrospective “Find Your Moment” and no doubt many of you will recognize yourself and friends at Boston Pride through the years.

Boston Pride Retrospective – Tuesday, June 10th 5-9PM

Back Bay Harry’s  142 Berkeley Street, Boston

Stephen Baumbach Boston Pride RetrospectiveStephen Baumbach Boston Pride RetrospectiveStephen Baumbach Boston Pride Retrospective

Pride Retrospective Find Your MomentStephen Baumbach is a local artist who’s studio is located in the South End at 46 Waltham Street, Studio 214. His images are the result of months of detailed experiments in technique, process and style. Explore his most current collections today and look forward to the future moments he captures. Please enjoy Stephen’s art through his photography & find your moment. 

Beacon Hill sunset by Christopher Sherman

christopher sherman

Source: Christopher V. Sherman

Austin-based photographer Christopher Sherman posted this beautiful photograph of a recent sunset in Boston’s Beacon Hill neighborhood.

He has more photos from Boston and his travels on his gorgeous website, cvsherman.com and on his Google+ page.

The Hard-Won Fight: America’s First Legal Same-Sex Marriages

The Hard-Won Fight: America’s First Legal Same-Sex Marriages

Source: Susan Symonds photo “Homo Sex Is In”

Sip the Rainbow cocktail reception on Friday marks the opening of the Boston Center for Adult Education photo exhibition The Hard-Won Fight: America’s First Legal Same-Sex Marriages by Marilyn Humphries and Susan Symonds and Marriage Equality / 10th Anniversary Portraits by photographer Joel Benjamin.

Sip the Rainbow: Friday, May 16th  6:00 – 8:00 PM 
$15 in advance / $20 at the door
Includes 3 cocktails from Ki Bar Event+Cocktail Design
Purchase Tickets Here 

The legal battle Goodridge vs. Department of Public Health is etched in my mind.  Not only did I follow this local story, but I also stood outside the Massachusetts State House in the months that followed the ruling showing my support in the freezing cold to offset the hundreds of people who came from all over the country to protest and pressure our State Legislature to reverse the State Supreme Court’s ruling.

This is part of our story.  Be  proud of what started here in 2004.  We set the country on fire with this debate and have proven that the criticism that this would destroy the institution of marriage is nothing but homophobic rants; a decade later and Massachusetts continues to have the lowest divorce rate in the country. #InconvenientTruth

Bob Mizer and Tom of Finland exhibit at MOCA closes this week

GayThis past November I wrote about this exhibit at MOCA in Los Angeles and I’ve had a few of you write to me to let me know that you’ve enjoyed it.  I was recently contacted by the organizers and asked if I would remind readers (especially those of you in the Los Angeles area or those of you traveling there) that the exhibit closes this Sunday.

The MOCA exhibition features a selection of Tom of Finland’s drawings and collages, alongside Mizer’s rarely seen photo-collage “catalogue boards” and films, as well as a comprehensive collection of his groundbreaking magazine Physique Pictorial, where drawings by Tom were first published in 1957.

8687 Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood

Gisele Bundchen playing in the snow

Gisele Bundchen BOSnow 2.14Supah model / Tom Brady’s main squeeze, Gisele Bundchen, just posted this photograph of her stepping out from her Back Bay home to play in the snow along Boston’s Commonwealth Avenue Mall on her Instagram account. Even in a blizzard this woman is beautiful.