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Sh*t gay guys say…

I’m not sure I’ve said everything in this 75-second video but it certainly made me chuckle.  I think this might be more of a “West coast” gay vernacular.

I think I could come up with some pretty funny phrases guys in Boston and the Northeast are more prone to say. Words that come to mind “Provincetown” and “Boatslip.

Phrases you might hear locally, “He lives on the Red Line, I live on the Green Line; it wasn’t going to work.” and “Dorchester isn’t that far away.

What might you add to the list? 

Enough said

Thanks to Tales Of The Sissy blog for sharing

WTF is this? It doesn’t fit in my CD player

I saw this picture on Taylor Chrien Tumblr page and thought it was absolutely hilarious.  As a child of the 80s, I can’t tell you how many of these strange looking rectangular pieces of plastic I owned.

In response to the question in smaller type, No it is not like an iPod.

Are you looking for an active top or bottom?

You know that there is a gay marketing executive somewhere within T.J. Maxx who laughed their ass off when he / she approved these signs to be posted in their store.  I mean come on…

Can anyone relate?

Tweet of the day: Fill up the glass

Normally I feature tweets from other people as a way to profile others, but this tweet of mine resulted in so many responses I figured I’d share it here too.

Have fun this weekend and make friends