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Today’s lesson: Know what you want

I love topsYou might think that this is obvious, but the reality is many people convince themselves that they really want something only to realize that once they achieve that goal, buy that product, marry that person of their dreams, etc… it isn’t what they want, like, or love.

Take a page out of my friend Jesse’s book and find out what you are really passionate about and love.  Everything else will work itself out – I promise.

9-11 remains a sad day

911September 11th remains a somber day. More than a decade later, I’m still transported to my Back Bay apartment when I first watched a commercial airliner fly into the second World Trade Center building in New York City.  I wasn’t able to process what I saw on TV that morning.  And in the days that followed I’d continue to struggle, realizing my good friend had been on the plane I had watched crash into the World Trade Center.

As I spent the next week with Sergio and our mutual friends Becky & Lisa, cleaning out his apartment to send his belongings back to his elderly parents who lived in the north of England, and to friends both near and far –  I kept replaying in my mind both the scene from TV of the crash as well as our last time together just a few days earlier.

Time hasn’t quite erased that image of the plane’s collision – nothing ever will – but it doesn’t dominate my thoughts the way it once did. However, each year at this time I inevitably think of my friend – thankful that I’d had the chance to be his friend and sad to think how our friendship was cut short.

How do you like my duck

Spending the weekend with friends in up state.

Blogger meet up (sort of)

Steve AliSteve Ali is originally from the island nation of Trinidad and Tobago but now lives and works in the Cayman Islands.  I’m not exactly sure when Steve and I started chatting but it was definitely a few years ago back when he maintained a blog any music enthusiast would enjoy called, Long Haired Boy.

Over the years, Steve has made a few trips to Boston to see concerts (he is madly passionate about music), but this was his first visit staying at chez BosGuy. He is such a great guy, attractive, interesting and fun to spend time with and I was really happy to have him here with me. One of the best unintended consequences of writing this blog has been the friendships that have resulted.

I do promise Steve that I’ll be taking you up at some point  on your hospitality and visiting The Cayman Islands – but I hope you come back again soon.

Black tie season around the corner

Black TieBlack tie season is about to go into full swing because most charities use Spring and Fall as opportunities to host galas and other fund raising events.  So break out your tuxedo if you have one or in my case, I’ll dust off my Filene’s Basement purchase and try to eek out yet another season.

Freedom opens in Sydney

FREEDOM-TEASERBrenton Parry who writes the entertaining blog Aussielicious has a photography exhibition opening on February 15th in Sydney Australia, and I wanted to wish him much success in this – his second show in as many years.

A few months ago I posted a teaser video Brenton had created to give you a taste of what one can expect from his show Freedom Teaser.

You can see more of Brenton’s photography here.

What’s up this weekend?

Guys DrinkingIt is finally Friday afternoon here in Boston, and I’m already thinking of what to do tonight.  Do I dare brave the cold and head out?

Do tell, what will you be doing this weekend?

Boxing Day dinner party

BoxerA good friend of mine and fellow blogger, 40-Something Life, is originally from the United Kingdom where December 26th is an official holiday called Boxing Day.

A few years ago she hosted a dinner party on Boxing Day and it was so much fun that with few exceptions, we’ve turned her annual dinner party on Boxing Day into our own tradition here in Boston.

The dinner party always seems to have a theme; years past have included a proper English themed-menu, a delicious Spanish menu, and one that included berets (although I don’t recall there being a French menu).  Details are fuzzy because of the copious amounts of wine poured.

The dinner party always starts with drinks followed by dinner and an always hysterical Yankee Swap after the table has been cleared.  Inappropriate gifts mingle with more creative gifts. After the swap, some sort of foolishness usually ensues. In years past this has included terrible impromptu dance performances, drunken Twister, and well you get the picture.

Later this evening Sergio and I will trek over to Southie to keep this tradition alive. Much thanks to our gracious host, Tracey.

Houseguests Miro and Kiril

One week ago today we said goodbye to Miro and Kiril (brothers from Varna, Bulgaria).  They boarded their flight from Boston to head home after spending the previous 3+ months working this summer in Provincetown. It was great to host them for a few days after a long summer of hard work.  Both Miro and Kiril relaxed and talked a lot about their home, Varna, Bulgaria, which looks beautiful in pictures.

Varna BulgariaMiro and Kiril’s home is on the coast of the Black Sea and is one of the largest cities in this European Country.  If you Google “Varna” you will no doubt see beautiful photos of the coast which looks like a great place to visit in the warmer months.  I have to admit prior to meeting these brothers, I never really thought about visiting Bulgaria, but maybe some day I’ll have to go and visit this city on the Black Sea.

Best of luck to Miro and Kiril who are now home studying at University. I hope we get a chance to see them again next summer in Ptown.

BosGuy meets Gay Guy

Late last week I was able to meet in person and host “Gay Guy” one half of a blog experiment between two friends aptly named, Gay Guy Straight Guy Blog.

Gay Guy (GG for short) and I have been chatting casually via email for more than a year so when he let me know he was going to return to Ptown for a quick visit to get away and recharge I couldn’t resist the opportunity to meet in person.

I’m not sure how many bloggers I’ve now met, but GG continues a trend of meeting interesting, thoughtful individuals who I’d never have had the opportunity to meet or know if it wasn’t for this blog. When I started writing this blog in the fall of 2007 I had no idea I’d meet so many nice and interesting people.

GG – come to Boston again. It was great meeting you.

September 11th Tribute post

For the past few years, I’ve paid tribute to my friend, Graham Berkeley, who was on the United Airlines Flight 175, which crashed into New York’s World Trade Center towers on September 11, 2001.  You see, without Graham there may not have been a BosGuy or at least not one you’d recognize.  Graham was instrumental in my coming out and relished his role as part-time mentor / part-time Gay big brother.

Taken too soon and still missed today, Americans will mourn an attack on the nation that is for most fodder for political debate and indignation; especially this year with a Presidential election pending.  For me the 11th of September is always about giving thanks that my partner was not working the United Airlines  flight and about the days that followed, which included the unfortunate task of packing all of my friend’s belongings and shipping them to his parents in the U.K. who were too old to travel and too distraught to do anything.  

Weekend in Albany

TaraGood friends of ours have a beautiful old home which they bought two years ago in Albany, NY and have spent nearly all their time renovating.  Our only previous visit to the home had been shortly after its purchase before any significant work had been done.  With all the construction completed earlier this year, four of us made a pilgrimage from Boston to spend a fun weekend relaxing together in their home. Marco and Michael's homeWe arrived late on Friday evening around 10PM to find a feast awaiting us in their kitchen which has an island so large that 8 may dine comfortably around it. Dinner, wine and conversation were consumed and flowed in equal parts morning, afternoon and night. It was a wonderfully relaxing few days and something we’d like to repeat.

Friday night’s late night feast

Saturday evening dinner party

Caption this BosGuy picture

BosGuyI’m not exactly sure what the heck I was saying / doing when Richard photographed my reflection in the sun glasses tightly tucked in the shirt of someone standing across from me.  Apparently what happens in Provincetown doesn’t always stay in Provincetown.

In my defense, this was at Tea Dance a few weeks ago and I may have had one or two of the Boatslip’s Planter’s Punch cocktails.

BosGuy’s near miss

This past Friday four of us drove from Boston to Albany, NY to spend the weekend with a couple who purchased and remodeled a beautiful home (I’ll talk more of that in a future post). While driving to Albany we nearly missed a head on collision with a car that was driving the wrong direction on Interstate-90 (The Mass Pike).

After being run off the road into the grassy median that separates the East bound and West bound highway, I frantically dialed 9-1-1 to report the incident. Unfortunately, the next day we learnt right after running us off the road, an 84-year old driving the wrong way collided head on with a 28-year-old man; both were killed. One can only assume guard rails and traffic prevented the young man from swerving like we did.

We were shaken after the incident and saddened to read about this the next day. My thoughts are with the families affected by the tragedy.

Full story here.

Moving day in Boston

Don’t forget to pack your R2D2 beer cooler!

I previously wrote about how many Bostonians have a September 1 lease in my post, here. I love this photo which was taken just a few blocks from where I live in the South End.  Thanks to my friend Brit for sharing.